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Premier Aguero breaking ball shortage scored two first half Manchester City 2-0 West Brom – Sohu sports Beijing time on October 29th night at 22 o’clock, the 201617 Premier League season, the tenth round to continue to compete, the focus of a battle at the hawthorns, Manchester City away to Si Brown Vecchi. At the end of the first half, the blue moon 2-0 ahead of the opponent. Twentieth minutes, Aguero Tui break ball shortage; twenty-eighth minutes, Aguero burst shot for the team to the next city. Historically, the two sides have had 147 records, Manchester City, 66 wins, 28 draws and 53 losses, into the ball lost 232 goals, the upper hand. Nearly 9 times the fight with Si Brown Vecchi, Manchester City unbeaten record. The blue moon lost in the Premier League last time to the "Lantern pants", but also back to December 2008, when they were away from the enemy to fight against 1-2. After 10 matches of the perfect start to the season, Manchester City near the state continued to decline, as in the week in the League Cup eliminated Manchester United, they are currently the tournament 6 consecutive fights. In contrast, the recent situation in the home court Si Brown Vecchi is equally bad, they have won nearly 9 games in a game, which in the last round of the League just lost to 1-2 Liverpool. Comparison of week in the Carling Cup game, Guardiola a substantial adjustment to the starting lineup, Bravo, David Silva, Stryn, Aguero and other more than the main return to the starting line-up, midfielder de Blau Hei injured return as a substitute. After the start of the game, the two sides quickly into the state. Third minutes, Dawson xiadichuanzhong, long before the ball knock back East, Mclean calm tuishe crossbar. Fourth minutes, Stryn cut left hanging door, Forster ball confiscated easily. Ninth minutes, Fernandez Godinho road cross, Aguero left horizontalknock, gundogan up tuishe, but the first was offside goal. From the replays, Aguero was in an offside position. Tenth minutes, Fernando pass, Aguero restricted area arc near the big bang the door wide. Fifteenth minutes, the ball attack Dawson Nuo Lituo kick, and then retaliate with the head top of the opponent, the referee to the two people booked. Eighteenth minutes, David – Silva cross restricted Dawson rescue, Stryn follow volley saved by Forster. Right corner, Nuo Lituo pass, shooting stones hit the side of the internet. Twentieth minutes, the deadlock was broken, gundogan Zhise, Aguero restricted the right foot tuishe collusion, the ball straight up the lower left corner of the goal, 1-0! This is the season Aguero scored sixth Premiership goals, Argentina after more than 1 months after finally breaking ball shortage. Twenty-third minutes, Phil Nandy Neo outside the restricted area shot from Forster to resolve. Twenty-sixth minutes, gundogan Zhise restricted, Nuo Lituo blocked Olsen lob. Twenty-eighth minutes, Manchester City to expand the score advantage, David – Silva pass by in front of a mess, the ball eventually fell to the feet of Aguero, which is near the top of the restricted area arc stretched again suddenly right foot shot burst, the ball went straight to the top right corner, 2-0! Thirty-fifth minutes, Fernando cross, Aguero and skewpositive lateral dribbling相关的主题文章: