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Rise in the price of stocks highly favored funds Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger opened to tutor the jinbailin Consulting Editor Yang Xiaokun Qin Hong, two city stock index yesterday, all day long concussion, the two cities a total turnover of 590 billion 610 million yuan, compared to the amount of Wednesday has been enlarged, however, profit leave the cash situation. According to the big wisdom SuperView data show that two cities yesterday net outflow of 1 billion 869 million yuan of funds. This is mainly reflected in the electronic information, coal, oil, transportation, logistics, wine, food, computers and other sectors. Among them, the electronic information sector ranks first in net capital outflow, the net outflow of 555 million yuan, the largest net outflow of stocks Haihong holdings, East China Science and technology, Jin Sheng precision, respectively, the net outflow of 100 million yuan, 85 million yuan, 65 million yuan. Coal oil sector ranks second in net capital outflow, the net outflow of 303 million yuan, the largest net outflow of stocks for Bao Tailong, China petroleum, Xinji, respectively, the net outflow of 81 million yuan, 58 million yuan, 30 million yuan. Transport and logistics sector net outflow of 281 million yuan, the largest net outflow of stocks for China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Jinjiang investment, respectively, the net outflow of 71 million yuan, 50 million yuan, 25 million yuan. However, the current A stock market of the market atmosphere is more optimistic, the external market is stable, the operation of China’s macroeconomic data also shows that the global China is still one of the most stable economies, therefore, not only the Shanghai and Hong Kong through foreign capital channel in recent days is still showing the trend of net capital inflows, and before the Spring Festival, Qingcang private equity funds also have the opening situation. Machinery, education, media, instrument and meter, nonferrous metals, medicine and other sectors are the focus of the above funds. The machinery sector ranks first in net capital inflows, the net inflow of 432 million yuan, the largest net inflow of stocks in ADAMS, Devt, Sany, the net inflow of 95 million yuan, 63 million yuan, 54 million yuan. Media education sector ranks second in net capital inflows, the net inflow of 301 million yuan, the largest net inflow of stocks for the Helen piano, brilliant communication, radio and television networks, the net inflow of 108 million yuan, 83 million yuan, 45 million yuan. Instrument electric meter sector net inflow of 229 million yuan, the largest net inflow of stocks, shares, Baode zamore electrical condenser technology, the net inflow of 44 million yuan, 27 million yuan, 23 million yuan. However, the short-term hot money moved or product prices rose varieties, mainly because of the performance of such stocks fast speed, performance inflection point clear, so the short-term trend of strong Thursday blood products stocks Burson organisms, ST biochemical, Hualan biological stocks are not popular in recent days, a small variety of vitamins billion sail, Xinfu brothers technology, Huayuan biological stocks strong is also more clear, also benefited from its product prices continued to rise. The industrial logic, the company’s products prices rose mainly due to the explosive growth of the downstream demand pull, such as blood products rose more than 150 of Human Fibrinogen

产品价格上涨概念股备受资金青睐 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   ⊙金百临咨询 秦洪 ○编辑 杨晓坤   昨日两市高开,股指全天震荡走低,两市共成交5906.1亿元,量能相比周三有所放大,不过,有获利盘套现离场态势。据大智慧SuperView数据显示,昨日两市大盘资金净流出18.69亿元。   这主要体现在电子信息、煤炭石油、运输物流、酿酒食品、计算机等板块。其中,电子信息板块居资金净流出首位,净流出5.55亿元,净流出最大个股为海虹控股、华东科技、劲胜精密,分别净流出1.00亿元、0.85亿元、0.65亿元。煤炭石油板块居资金净流出第二位,净流出3.03亿元,净流出最大个股为宝泰隆、中国石油、国投新集,分别净流出0.81亿元、0.58亿元、0.30亿元。运输物流板块净流出2.81亿元,净流出最大个股为南方航空、东方航空、锦江投资,分别净流出0.71亿元、0.50亿元、0.25亿元。   不过,目前A股市场所处的市场氛围较为乐观,外围市场渐趋稳定,我国宏观经济运行数据也显示我国仍是全球最为稳定的经济体之一,所以,不仅沪港通等境外资金通道近几个交易日仍呈现相对稳定的资金净流入趋势,而且,春节前轻仓的私募资金也有加仓态势。   机械、教育传媒、仪电仪表、有色金属、医药等板块是上述资金重点关注的对象。其中,机械板块居资金净流入首位,净流入4.32亿元,净流入最大个股为中毅达、秦川发展、三一重工,分别净流入0.95亿元、0.63亿元、0.54亿元。教育传媒板块居资金净流入第二位,净流入3.01亿元,净流入最大个股为海伦钢琴、博瑞传播、广电网络,分别净流入1.08亿元、0.83亿元、0.45亿元。仪电仪表板块净流入2.29亿元,净流入最大个股为赛摩电气、宝德股份、聚光科技,分别净流入0.44亿元、0.27亿元、0.23亿元。   不过,最让短线热钱心动的还是产品价格大幅上涨的品种,主要因为此类个股业绩提速快、业绩拐点明朗,所以,短线走势强劲,周四血制品概念股博雅生物、ST生化、华兰生物等个股均有不俗表现,而近几日维生素小品种亿帆鑫富、兄弟科技、华园生物等个股强势也较为清晰,也得益于其产品价格持续上涨。   就产业逻辑来看,这些公司产品价格上涨主要因为受到下游需求爆发式增长的拉动,比如血制品系列产品的人纤维蛋白原的涨幅超过150%。而锂电池产业链的六氟磷酸锂及电解液也持续涨升,这主要得益于新能源动力汽车旺盛的景气度。因此,此类个股的业绩有望继续超预期,从而得到各路资金竞相关注,短线股价仍有望进一步涨升,建议跟踪。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: