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short nose people how to extend the nose, I often encounter this kind of beauty. Because the ear cartilage is soft, want to extend the nose will have to choose the nasal septum cartilage or costal cartilage, I generally recommend the use of costal cartilage, plasticity and the effect is very ideal. But there is an important premise to extend the nose, that is, the amount of skin should be enough. So I will ask before operation for the United States to pull downwards their nose at the skin down for a period of time (the time is a little terror, you need to be prepared), put some loose pull the skin, provide skin and soft tissue as much as possible, it can also prevent the retraction of the problem.

lower nose or Bi Xiaozhu not quite people how to raise the tip of the nose? This method is commonly used for many, nasal septal cartilage or rib cartilage support in the columella and nose will raise.

is the risk of nasal septal cartilage not dangerous? It is very difficult to take the septal cartilage of the nasal septum than the ear cartilage. This is an essential surgical technique with the experience of plastic surgeons.

finished the nose has shrunk back, and then the problem of low, is it true? This is entirely possible, it is caused by two reasons: the first is the nasal septum bone soft enough, soft texture, supporting force caused by inadequate retraction; second is the tip of the nose skin and soft tissue, tight skin tension is too large, soft tissue deficiency can also cause retraction. In fact, these problems are the need for experienced doctors to avoid problems.

rhinoplasty surgery has matured, but not all medical institutions have the qualification and ability, so in the choice of rhinoplasty before, must consult, choose the doctor and have many years of experience in the regular hospital as your surgeon, so the doctor will give you full consideration to all the problems after the operation, and try to avoid, to achieve your ideal effect.

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