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Pu Cunxin’s father died in his sleep Lan Tianye: fate he relieved – Beijing Pu Cunxin try to simple modifications to the father’s obituary today, August 29, 2016, former vice president of the Beijing people’s art, the famous actor, director and drama educator Su min 90 year old birthday. However, he was on the day before his birthday, August 28th at 4 in the morning peacefully passed away. Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the Beijing people’s Art Theatre, see Su min son, vice president of Beijing people’s Pu Cunxin is revising father’s obituary, the content changed to simple. Obituary wrote: "according to the wishes of my family and my comrade Su min, all the simple funeral hall, no home." Pu Cunxin said, "our family is originally did not want to put the news of his father’s death immediately announced, because too many people do not want to disturb, hope everything is simple. I haven’t answered any media calls, but I didn’t expect the news to go out." Pu Cunxin’s mood is very calm, he said: last night, our family still had a meal together, his father drank soup. He is walking in his sleep at 4 this morning, go very calm, like the rest of the tired life, can be said to be a. This is a great blessing." He told reporters: "my father has been in bad health since 2005, many times in and out of the hospital, we joked at home that have earned!" He is getting worse this year, the day before his father died, our family also opened a family meeting to discuss how to arrange the matter behind his father. Because the existing psychological preparation, so father left, my mother’s emotional stability, just when the father to the elevator was sad. Over the years, my mother has been careful to take care of my father, hundreds of drug names, the old lady did not remember miss." "Parents are we face the death of the beam. My father gave me a role model." Pu Cunxin said, ‘life Wuyuwuqiu, pay attention to life without living, has been living in is located in the western suburbs of Min Xiang mother unit two room, living area is more than and 50 square meters, the room was filled with books. Su people have been thinking about the theater, miss drama. His last trip to the Beijing people’s Art Theatre, in July last year, "Li Bai" in the capital theatre, even seriously ill, he is still in a wheelchair to the theatre. After the play, he was very happy when starring Pu Cunxin and all the actors on stage when the curtain call, the audience also pay tribute to the father Su min Taiwan cheering. Sit in the first row of man on crutches stood up, excited on the stage but also stick. Everyone thought he came to power, but he just turned to the audience to thank after he went backstage condolences to all the actors and all the shadow. "Li Bai" by the Su min director, starring Pu Cunxin, father and son two people cooperation last play classical repertoire, also in the Beijing people’s art at Su min. Behind his training students particularly high rate that Su min after the news of the death, at the age of 89, wrote: "we love the blue field since 1942, students have been in the same school, the same theater, photo相关的主题文章: