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Decimating Coach: believed that the team can win Hengda not ready shootout [] Guangzhou Derby return: planning with the warmth of the Tencent in Guangzhou in September 20th killing time sports (Wen Zeng Xiao) have the opportunity to the FA Cup semi-final, but also have two away goals, ambitions of Guangzhou bodied soldiers can not stop. Coach Stojkovic said: "we have been waiting for this game for a long time, we can not wait, this game is of great significance to us, both the FA Cup semi-final and the Guangzhou derby. We are ready to fight, and we are ready for a good game." Fuli defender Yu Yang said: "it can be said that tomorrow’s game is the most important person I and R & F team in the history of the game, this is a new height, tomorrow will be cidaojianhong. We want to take a step forward. So far, we have not won any trophies, if tomorrow will be eliminated, our major breakthrough." Yu Yang also called on fans to win bodied and rival fans against, "play a few games of the derby, I know our home court will be a lot of Hengda fans, I hope to have more fans to support our team of R & F, is especially difficult when we need the fans to drum strength, arouse spirit of our head the fans cheer sound better than decimating hope Evergrande fans. We will fight opponents as a reward for the fans." Such an important game, and holds two away goals, but Stojkovic is still not playing conservative, "hold 0 to 0 score? This is not my football philosophy, every ball I have only one goal, is to win. We can’t be conservative, we want to show our ambition, show our style, we want to win." The R & F for the FA Cup obviously, the rival the opponent, Stojkovic is not afraid, "tomorrow is a great challenge, Hengda is strong, is the Championship club, but with them several times before the game, we played well in the 2 to 1 win, the FA Cup first round draw, and they it is the final goal and we barely draw, they are lucky. As the saying goes, sometimes mice can eat elephants, although it is difficult, but we can still win hengda." Hengda coach Scolari said before the game if the game into the penalty shootout, the effectiveness of the Fuli goalkeeper goalkeeper will be their own advantages in the past, said Liu Dianzuo. Stojkovic heard here, said he didn’t want to play a penalty, "we have no training penalty, I believe that the game would not enter into the penalty shootout, but if really played, we’d like to try a more powerful Liu Temple, to see how much he is familiar with us." Finally, on the Harvey (data) transfer rumors, but he said he did not hear, but this is the first time I heard such rumors, I am very surprised to be honest. This is not the end of the season, I hope the players do their best to maintain the focus of the game, after the end of the season, we have enough time to discuss other things. This moment, I think Harvey next year will be a member of R & F. But I don’t know what will happen next week, next week, I’m not a prophet. I just want to see Harvey doing well tomorrow."相关的主题文章: