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Rampant! If the traffic police checked drunk driver top run up to 5 km (map) original title: rampant! Weifang traffic police checked drunk driver if the top run up to five km at the scene scene scene video screenshot police right ankle ligament injury, plaster treatment in the hospital, need to recover for a period of time. The suspects were arrested according to "people’s livelihood train" report, October 12th, in Weifang, Changle police a drunk driving action, a traffic police on duty were drunk drivers with a roof running 10 minutes, finally rolled down from the front cover, almost to the police. It is understood that the police are set up drunk driving, this white car appeared in the picture of the driver, but when the police do not pay attention to, suddenly Guadang left U-turn retrograde. At this time, the traffic police on duty in front of the car, seeing the car on his own to open up, the police had to rush to the car. Because the speed is too fast, the poor traffic police want to jump down. In order to put the police throw down from the car, the car driver not only wore in the city on the road traffic police tried to beat around the Bush, but also often more detours path. In order to put the police throw down from the car, the car driver is resorted to exhaust all the skills. Because the suspect vehicle forced a U-turn towards the city, after the other normal police U-turn, the suspect vehicle had disappeared. The police at the time was the top right hand drive door glass, the left hand holding the rain scraper. How to see the driver also can not afford to throw off the traffic police, even while driving to reach the hand of the police. Fortunately, the traffic police seized, or let go, consequences be unbearable to contemplate. See the police he fell down, the car driver slammed on the throttle swiftly run away. At this time, the police have been running a full ten minutes on the roof, who is scarred: the left hand torn, sewing needle, right ankle ligament strain, plaster, need to restore a period of time. The driver heinous acts, the police quickly launched an arrest. On the second day at 7:45 in the morning, Changle police found the suspect vehicle, immediately arrange nearby police dispatched to hunt, two suspects were eventually arrested. After interrogation, driving the car man Ma, and the location of the driver Xu Xu is a friend. Ma said that in order to celebrate their entry, two people at noon to drink a few cups. Met police drunk driving, they immediately said, want to turn around to escape suddenly, on top of the traffic police. At this time, two more over, think if this stop, do not have to "go"! So the more desperately to escape, but also an effort to want to give off. Ma Xu, two people said the fear in my heart, but in the evening of two people wake up drunk, did not immediately surrender, but together to wine bureau. Until this morning, when the police arrested two people, Ma overnight wine also blew a 26Mg 100ml value. Currently, Changle County Public Security Bureau has been on file for investigation, the case is under further investigation, waiting for the two will be severely punished by law. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: