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Real estate tax is the largest market regulation strokes?   just regulate the auxiliary function – Property – People’s original title: real estate tax is the largest market regulation strokes? Regulation and control of the real estate tax is only the auxiliary function of the property market regulation "the biggest move"? Xinhua Beijing October 13th news (reporter He Yuxin, Shen Cheng) the property market in a "limited" sound once again usher in a policy inflection point. As each round of property transaction, with the real estate tax issue is no exception of the wind again. Some people have compared to the real estate tax suspended in the property market over Damour damocles. But as many industry insiders said, the property market regulation from not blindly panacea, taxes are never universal means of real estate tax reform should be carried out in a clear, macro and long-term framework. In the regulation of the property market in the toolbox, the tax is not for short-term behavior for Chinese current market regulation, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials have recently suggested Chinese property tax, but at the same time that the "real estate tax from legislation to implement takes a long time, unable to cope with the short-term prices rise too". Some domestic experts and scholars have also called on again, the real estate tax should speed up the ground, which can suppress real estate speculation to some extent, and forced some of the housing stock into the market, changes in market supply and demand, the entire housing market healthy and stable of great significance. The discussion of real estate tax in these years have never stopped: some people think that the launch should not urgent relief, some people think that should not rush slowly; some people think that the first answer to "rent" to land why tax issues; others proposed "how to sign" "why should sign" problems to be clear…… Discuss various topics, and even point to face confrontation consensus in the depth reflects a certain degree of this reform is "how to change" in the process of forming, but also reflects the parties hope to have long-term market tools to effectively control, avoid change radically. As we all know, tax, credit, purchase, land and other property control toolbox is an important tool, but the tax is not for short-term behavior. As some experts have said, the tax is serious, sustained, if the long-term use of short-term tools to do business is not wise. "The property market regulation needs to emphasize the system construction, if the blind introduction of tax regulation is no overall plan for a fundamental transformation. The reform of the real estate tax should be carried out under the premise of respecting the laws of the property market and the tax law." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and Trade Economics researcher Yang Zhiyong said. The real estate tax is regulation of the auxiliary function if the 2003 central level to appear in the file "property tax" as a real estate tax into the horizon of the starting point, 13 years, the reform has completed the conversion of several of the context. From property tax to real estate tax, and then to the real estate tax; from the property market regulation to income distribution adjustment, and then to implement the statutory principles of Taxation, a variety of statements to allow people to the real estate tax reform has a lot of room for reverie. Real estate tax is an international practice, in some developed countries even more than a century of history. A real estate tax in the international comparative study of experts for many years to remember相关的主题文章: