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Finance Money is something everyone wants. It is something we are all looking to earn, hoping to make more of and never seem to have enough. Teaching our kids how to handle money is something parents should think about while the kids are young. It helps in their development, and will teach them to save and not throw their hard earned money away. Childrens allowance feeds their self confidence and self esteem. Earning it and learning to control it gives them a sense of power and offers them choices in their own lives. Allowing kids to earn money for their good deeds help them build their work ethics. If they have set chores, it gives them motivation to do a good job. This is not unlike any adult who has a job in the working world. Getting paid is motivation in itself. Kids like to feel valued and appreciated. When payday comes, they feel very good about receiving their pay. Giving kids the chance to earn money also provides choices in their lives. They get to choose how they will spend their money and how much they will save. If there is something that they have wanted for a while, it provides a good opportunity for parents to teach their children how to save up so they can afford to buy that something special. There are many great learning opportunities when kids are earning money. They have the chance to make decisions such as how much to save, how much to spend and when to lend money to someone else. All these lessons build character and will make them stronger as they get older. Teaching kids to save for something they want provides an opportunity to show them that they can always achieve what they want if they put their money away for it. Kids learn this all through life and as an adult, they will know how important it is to have a savings account and how to maintain it. Childrens allowance will teach many lessons to them. The value that they feel from earning their own money will show itself through their school work and their development through their life. They will learn to put a little away for something special and will teach them that tomorrow is uncertain, and that it is important to have a savings for times like that. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: