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"Red Star over China" hit Deng Ying Premiere of Song Qingling recognized Deng Ying as Song Qingling Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news the day before, by Chiu Man-Cheuk, Huang Haibing, Deng Ying, Kathy Chow starred in the major revolutionary drama "Red Star over China" is Hunan TV crisis hit, "as of 2016 to commemorate the 80 anniversary of victory of the long march of the Red Army China" the key tribute film drama, the drama was broadcast by the parties concerned. The temperament of the goddess Deng Ying first appeared in the last century, the great female Song Qingling, do your homework carefully after receiving the script changes, try to figure out the role of emotions, with its delicate gentle performance, dignified atmosphere dress, elegant manners, perfect interpretation of the characters Bo great mind and revolutionary spirit tenacious, access to users praise. Deng Ying for the role of natural performance to conquer the audience in his mind it is reported that the "Red Star over Chinese" according to Edgar? Snow name documentary works "Red Star over China" adaptation, by an American journalist for the last century, 13 years in 30s and 40s the couple China interview life, examines the major historical events, at the China change, opportunity and coincidence. Show the background, hero, great and ordinary people, ordinary soldiers surge high and sweep forward the fate. In the play, Deng Ying played in Song Qingling’s help, Snow became the first American reporter arrived at the Soviet and Western reporters revolution, which launched the grand historical picture, the achievements of this masterpiece unfortunately. The play, in order to better interpret the characters, Deng Ying not only read the script, carefully explore great women Song Qingling complex and firm’s inner world, and the history of this period was more understanding, and ultimately to appropriate images and perform the role of audiences, many users have a message praising British sister, performance is very natural, very suitable for characters the setting, Song Qingling’s elegant demeanour bearing the most incisive performance for her praise! The script cited concern about Deng Ying won the excellence Marie anger like it is understood that the TV play lasted for two years, after a total of 5 times to modify the final version, with the grand heroic war scenes, thrilling political events and the ups and downs of the story, attracted the attention of many viewers, especially the three sisters of the complex tangle the emotion and destiny, affects the fans heart. Song Qingling, who is an admirable female great man, said, "it’s a great honor and a pleasure for me," said Deng Ying". The play is the "Deng Xiaoping" after Deng Mount Huangshan, she starred in the second historical drama, commitment1 won great recognition of industry insiders and fans, have an proper style of behavior, beautiful appearance, and unyielding heart, perfect interpretation of outstanding people Song Qingling, a fan of evaluation: which is the temperament of the goddess!相关的主题文章: