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Jewelry-Diamonds Religious jewelry not only looks elegant and classy but also represents ones faith and utter belief in the religion. People nowadays wear different kinds of cross pendants and religious charms to express the love and devotion for their religion. There are Christian, Catholic, Islamic and Jewish jewelry articles available on the market made of pure gold, silver and other precious metals and alloys. Prayer rings are .monly worn by men of all ages as fashion and stylish jewelry articles. In addition to these, chastity rings, baptismal pins, orthodox crosses, and rosary bracelets are also popular and well-liked jewelry articles for men. Prayer rings are available in pure 18k and 14k gold as well as platinum and sterling silver. On these rings are the words Pray or God Have Mercy engraved. Some have motivational prayers written with raised letters, such as Jesus I trust In You and the like. These rings are also known as rosary prayer rings and are popular all over the world wherever Christian faith is practiced. In mens jewelry articles, religious 4-way and cross keychains, patron saint and sacred heart medals, and Jesus tie tacks can be found. In addition to these, Jesus Fish bands in titanium and other metals are also highly appreciated across the globe. Its not difficult to find beautiful religious jewelry nowadays because of the growing number of jewelry designers in all parts of the world. You can locate affordable as well as expensive and valuable jewelry articles in this category. Some people also gather such articles from different countries and keep them as collectibles and mementos. Beautiful angel figures and statues are particularly worth mentioning as they are rare and one-of-a-kind. Baby Jesus figures and Balthazar figures in yellow gold and sterling silver are also popular items. Rosary bracelets are made by using Sworavski crystals and beautiful gemstones. They look lovely and attractive. Among Jewish Religious jewelry articles, Star of David pendants and rings are .monly worn by Jews. Some variants on the traditional star include Menorah and Torah. You can also find Chai and 12 tribes pendants in this category. Among Islamic jewelry, Mecca and Madina pendants and rings on which the verses of the Quran are engraved are very popular across the globe. Three types of pendants are available: illustrated, holographic and enameled. Taweez lockets are also .monly worn by Muslim men and women to express their devotion to Islam. If you are looking for expensive and unique Religious jewelry , check out the beautiful diamond lapel pins and other fine jewelry articles in this class. Crucifix and cross lapel pins are admired by men in all parts of the world. In addition to these, other jewelry articles with Christian faith signs (the cross, the fish, and the dove) can be found. Fish tie tacks and patron saint tie tacks can be worn as fashionable and trendy jewelry articles. Silver effect pendants delicately handcrafted by skilled artisans and bracelets with religious hanging charms look lovely and beautiful. Plate bracelets for men are also very popular among different faiths. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: