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Travel-and-Leisure Scattered in the hills and valleys of Altos del Maria in Panama are home sites and homes for sale offering dream views of rushing waterfalls, lakes and oceans, and volcanic mountains in the distance. Much like a national park, you can hike along trails and take photos of sloths and monkeys and wonderful birds in the trees. You might even see a yellow frog. A secure, gated mountain community on over seven-thousand acres, Altos del Maria offers residential home sites and sales. Although the area is rural, residents enjoy the urban niceties and necessities of telephone and cell phone service, Internet access, and satellite television. The developers have made sure electricity and water are plentiful and readily available, and installed a heliport, swimming pools, and golf courses. They have also built roads. Nearby are the townships of Sora and Bejuco. Should you tire of the cool mountain air, tropical beaches are just a short drive away. Panama City is only an hour and a half drive away. Most people think of the canal or a hat when they hear Panama. Panamanian locals have several versions of where the word Panama originated. Some say indigenous peoples named the land after a common tree. Others say the word means either many butterflies or many fish. All versions seem appropriate. The fact that the country holds vast expanses of unspoiled nature feels like a secret someone has been keeping. The Panama Canal has made the US and Panama long-time partners, so many Panamanians speak English in addition to their native Spanish. Panamanians are friendly to newcomers. The US dollar is accepted as legal tinder in Panama and enjoys a one-to-one exchange rate. And your dollar stretches pretty far in Panama compared to US prices. A recent report states that one can retire very nicely on twelve-hundred US dollars a month. Visitors find all the glitter and attraction of large cities in Panama City. Behind its beauty and sophistication, you will find entertainment, fine restaurants, and modern medical care. The ongoing US-Panama Canal relationship keeps the economy stable, which is assured with the latest expansion project. Called the Third Set of Locks, the project promises to double the capacity of the canal and increase trade. The government of Panama provides retirees with very good benefits, including discounts on prescriptions, reduced housing costs, plus perks for travel and entertainment. If you are not a resident, Panama required an application and visa before it will sign you up for the pensionado program. You can, however, buy land and retire in Panama without being part of the program. Panama looks like a sock with its toe at the end of Central America. It is nudging Columbia and the start of South America. Altos del Maria is on the west side of the same narrow stretch of land as Panama City, but up in the mountains. Sites in the development begin at 1,476 feet above sea level and rise as high as 3,608 feet, which accounts for the year-round 75 degree F temperature. In some places, it is possible to see the Pacific and Caribbean at the same time. Developers cater to the buyer in Altos del Maria. Whether you prefer to build from scratch or move into an existing home, there are many sites and homes to select from in varying sizes and elevations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: