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Ricardo Rosberg: he won support anti kill Lewis Rosberg in Singapore station won the sina sports Australian driver Daniel Ricardo believes that Rosberg is more likely to beat Hamilton, the world champion this year. Sky Sports F1 commentary Martin – Brendel also believes that Rosberg will win. "Before the summer break when Lewis in the standings ahead and bypassing Nico, I used to think that Lewis will be Yiqijuechen. But even back!" Ricardo said in an interview with Sky Sports. "Now I will say Nico can win!" Rosberg stands in Singapore Singapore win review station, Ricardo and the two driver at the same time, Mei ran to the podium, but when they get together and the atmosphere makes Ricardo feel very embarrassed, because the two Mebon drivers ignore each other, not to speak of love. "It makes me feel embarrassed, because it’s too quiet!" Ricardo said. "I don’t like to be quiet, so I try to talk to them myself, but they both seem to enjoy the quiet and awkward atmosphere." Ricardo gasped, Mei ran two riders between two of them too cold is not totally ignored   at the same time, Sky Sports F1 that Martin Brendel is also the first time that Rosberg will win. "Rosberg’s performance in the last month has come to me, he’s got all 75 points, and he looks very confident about his speed," Brendel wrote in his personal column. "Lewis looks Monza is bad start messed up, but Rosberg came to Singapore station but easily proved to be the strongest Mebon driver." "This is the first time I feel the powerful speed and Nico self-confidence, so that he can win in the face of confrontation." Rosberg from Xinxinbaopeng (Sina racing Swift)相关的主题文章: