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Rock night! Zombies 2 line concert debut in Shanghai by EA PopCap hosted the "zombies 2" first live music show on October 19th at 19:30 in Shanghai Mao Livehouse opened the long-awaited "rock" crazy falls. "Rock" is not only the [[PinkBerry]] and [sonnet dessert] live band star love back, live more opportunities and for the first time unveiled the zombies first beauty students close contact with small lemon lime. The rock and roll night is bound to lead you to return to the 80 year of the passionate rock age, no matter what age you are a small partner will be able to experience the trend of 80s and classic. The concert will also be a special charity performances, all performances will be donated to the serious illness in Beijing small players. The scene of charity donation income "Zou Baobao" "love like water, father as a mountain, no matter what, is this world’s greatest love, the everlasting. More than a month ago, one thing happened in Beijing was moved by the "plant vs. Zombies 2" and many PVZ players. In order to cobble together for a 4 – year – old son of a doctor’s medical expenses, Mr. Zou road in Beijing played a series of games PVZ classic role of sun flowers, and the form of passers-by to take pictures for his son to earn medical expenses. The number of tears in the stamp of the collection of the sun, the story has been completely touched the "plant War Zombies" project team. The concert so 19 days in MAO Livehouse to be held at the same time it is also a charity. At the scene, the organizers will be PVZ around the bazaar, this part of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to the sick in the small fans as the follow-up treatment costs, at the same time the concert will be donated to the "income with Zou Baobao". "Plants vs. Zombies 2" hope that with our little strength to the disease in the baby more love to encourage, but also hope that the sun flower brought about by the sun and warmth can release more energy. As long as you love PVZ, love rock and roll, "plant vs zombies 2" rock age theme ROCK LIVE, you are welcome to participate in the SHOW. "Zombies 2" rock concert’s theme: October 19, 2016 19:30 location: Shanghai Huangpu District Chongqing Road No. 308 building 3 MAO Livehouse band: Pink Berry, a sonnet, dessert shop show tickets: mobile phone PVZ2 game free VIP (including free water and wine Limited gift package) tickets: 1: pay attention to the official micro-blog @EA China, the official WeChat @EA_China 2: Douban event page, click on the "take", fill in the registration form LET ‘S ROCK, "the rebirth of the day, the night of rock" let us crazy Hi, October 19th, we Be There Or Be Square.相关的主题文章: