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Sanya ship in the night of the mid autumn " " insurance; fierce fire fighters married the next day at the Sohu Military Channel sea rising moon as I go to battle — Russia joint maritime -2016 military exercises in Sanya ship anchorage defense organization knowledge mid autumn moon, the sea shone jade luster. The end of the afternoon of the sea, to participate in the Sino Russian joint maritime -2016 military exercises on the ship arrived in Sanya scheduled to anchor the waters. The sea breeze blowing gently,. On the ships far from the mainland, the moon is still. The moonlight illuminate the soldiers alert eyes. In the control room, the navigation radar does not stop scanning, ood and navigation on the situation surrounding Lin zhe sheng. His eyes are so focused. But listen to his comrades said that these two days, Lin Zhesheng’s son will be full year of life. When the child was born, he performed escort mission in the Gulf of aden. Escort back, the child did not hold a few days, he participated in combat duty with the ship, sailing patrol and several military exercises, together with the family’s days are numbered. "The Mid Autumn Festival, the children do not want to say is impossible, but the station had only the enemy." Lin Zhesheng told reporters, in the absence of fortification sea anchor, is a dangerous moment of ships, boats, divers may suffer the attack at any time. The sea rises and the moon shines on me. Under the moonlight, "the enemy bulletin" came: "unidentified armed boat into the anchorage!" The ship suddenly sounded shrill combat alert. "Prepare for flight" emergency "guns ready to fire"…… With the "enemy" escalated, Captain Wang Xianjun issued orders everything in good order and well arranged. In the helicopter on the warning of the warning and the patrol boat fire warning fire warning invalid, Sanya ship decisive fire interception. From the swift move, thoroughly tempered. Captain Wang Xianjun told reporters, in the Gulf of Aden escort during their successful disposal of the enemy, the consciousness of actual combat, combat capabilities are rising. "Lianyan, it provides us a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and russian." Wang Xianjun said. Battle alert, electromechanical class sergeant Tang Hao has drenched the host. For him, tonight is a sleepless night, anchorage defense drills will run through the whole night, water, air and other "enemy" will appear one after another. Tang Hao just 5 days before the wedding, with the ships at sea, he said second days before the marriage, and his wife go together a full moon, but in the hot in the cabin, the bright moonlight and only missing together, packed into the heart. Quiet moonlight, Sanya ship standing. Behind it is the peace of the motherland.相关的主题文章: