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UnCategorized Depending on what you want from SAP training will determine what course you need to take. If you wish to attain certification, then it is best to base your revision on the exam topics listed in the exam overview on the SAP website. If your main aim is to learn SAP for your job then it is best to let your line manager or team leader make this decision. If you cannot attend all the courses, then the courses I re.mend to sit for a solid education in SAP Technology, which would best prepare you for a job or the exam, are as follows: ADM100 will give you the basics of SAP administration such as RFC connections. Scheduling background jobs and using printers in SAP. ADM102 is a good course, as this will give you an introduction into the web technology like the internal ITS and the CUA (Central User Administration). ADM325 is needed if you want to know how to setup a transport landscape and perform client copies. ADM200 is the Java equivalent of ADM100 and is essential if your .pany uses AS Java. SM100 the Solution Manager course covers the basics of solution manager and the SLD. Finally you need to choose ADM520 or ADM505, depending on whether you use SQL Server or Oracle database. These two courses cover database performance, backups and restore, which are essential to the job of an SAP administrator. You will notice that in the course lists mentioned, I did not mention SAP-TEC. This is because the course is very general to the Netweaver technology and can be easily picked up by reading a couple of pages on… If you are limited on courses you can attend then if you need to drop another course, you could get rid of ADM102, as this is a small course and the areas of ICM, ICF and CUA can be read on the internet. The courses although expensive are of a very good standard from SAP. In this world you get what you pay for and with SAP courses they certainly deliver. The course lecturers are always experienced with numerous years in the field. The lecturers are constantly monitored on their performance and it is important you .plete the feedback form after the course to maintain this standard. The SAP handbooks provided in the courses are excellent reference material during and after the course. In fact these books are excellent if you are revising for the exam as the exam topics usually correspond to the chapters in these handbooks. An alternative to the handbooks is to use SAPs free help resource at… Most of the time the sections in the help correspond to the handbook and the exam topics. Although navigating through the is not always that easy and therefore it is always best to use the handbooks if you have them. If you are looking for practical experience then the SAP courses are excellent as they are a good balance of theory and practical work. If you are looking to acquire certification, then the course will cover the material, but you will still need to put in the revision time after the course. To be honest, try to remember as much as you can during the course, but the real revision .es when you are on your own with the handbooks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: