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Sea training assessment " closed volume "   multi arms to build the strongest military questions — from "but similar" to "field is different, the forty-first army regiment of the sea training evaluation of quality and efficiency, multi arms to" test "has become the new TLIDEA sea training exam," the paper "farewell" monochromatic "air defense units for firing. Photo by Chen Peng in early autumn, Yuexi a sea training field, heat-wave. The reporter has just entered the forty-first army regiment artillery, air defense battalion was heard in the first round of the evaluation result is not ideal. In this regard, the battalion commander Gu Zhiwei said: this year the sea training combined with the evaluation of quality and efficiency of prominent elements, the examiner from land, sea and air force air force, goal and multi target, really difficult to play. Between the words, a piercing battle alarm sounded, the second round of assessment kicked off. The reporter saw many batches of "enemy" from all sides to the camp from standoff continuous penetration, UAV, aerial target, target model, umbrella balloon targets of different infrared target, dressed in different military camouflage "Blues" operation, simulation of cruise missile, the missile defense battalion on the target of attack meanwhile, accompanied by electromagnetic interference…… In the face of a strong opponent to jointly create a test paper by the officers and men to deal with tension. "The papers" farewell "color", different joint evaluation, it is difficult to imagine in the past. Although the fight is not good, but it is a test!" For the new changes in the quality evaluation methods of the sea training, 20 years old Gu Zhiwei said with emotion. He told reporters, in the past due to the lack of security mechanism of the system, the sea training assessment to armed swimming, sailing and other anti vertigo basic training courses, but also their operation target shooting live ammunition. One year spent similar results, although brisk, but to enhance the combat effectiveness of the contribution rate is not high. "Now is not the same, after the reform of the" theater battle, the main service building "pattern, we organize training, provide favorable conditions for the implementation of all aspects of the security evaluation." Army artillery refers to the Department staff Yang Zheng told reporters that since the beginning of this year they are actively planning the construction of combat training conditions, relying on the theater, theater army related departments and related units in coordination docking, will be a variety of models, multi force into combat exercises, evaluation content more prominent joint elements. Before long, the third round of assessment followed. "Southeast direction, found ‘enemy’ cruise missiles two; southwest direction, found that the ‘enemy’ machine two……" Two even the sergeant, the radar operator Meng Libiao while receiving and handling "the enemy", while instruction is transmitted to the terminal shoot, just a few minutes on his forehead and nose on the exudation of sweat, but his eyes conceal his excitement, "if the previous assessment is" open ", so the evaluation is" closed book ", forcing everyone to strain against the enemy." It is understood that, in order to adapt to the new sea training assessment, the timely adjustment of the training plan, summed up the innovation of more than 10 kinds of new tactics and training methods, and collect all kinds of operational data of more than 1000 group, evaluate the reserve in advance "information ammunition for the next step of coalition forces fighting ability". (Li Hai Zhou Yusong) (Intern:   commissioning editor Wang Lujia)相关的主题文章: