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Secretary of public interests of the chain: pull storage arrangements in the bank – sacked relatives Beijing, according to Xinhua news agency Xinhua recently, Fujian Longyan and other places on the Party cadres to use public funds to store profit of special rectification mousi. Reporter survey found that the interests of public funds stored in the hidden rules in some places, the existence of frequent cases. Unprecedented strength." Deputy director of the Longyan Municipal Supervision Bureau Huang Zuoqing introduction, the city party and government organs, institutions and more than 10 thousand cadres fill the check list, and make a written commitment without the use of public funds to store illicit profit, revocation does not meet the requirements of the bank account, 15 of the existence of the problem of the municipal units was responsible for the completion of the rectification in interviews within the specified time. As of now, a total of Longyan city clean fill 9324 bank accounts and bank accounts; 854, and 583 million yuan of funds. Longyan part of the special rectification from the former party secretary Huang Xiaoyan sacked bribery case. Last July, Huang Xiaoyan due to serious violation of law was expelled from the party, and its alleged crimes transferred to judicial organs, at present, the case is still pending. More than local bank insiders told reporters that the Huang Xiaoyan family and the use of public funds to store profit is an open secret. Huang’s wife as a commercial bank in Xiamen, the bank in Longyan had no outlets, Huang transferred to the Secretary of the Longyan Municipal Committee, the bank quickly set up branches in Longyan, Huang’s wife is the one responsible for preparation of branches. Two or three days, the original deposit of other banks have been quickly ‘transported’ to the bank, the party and government organs, institutions accounted for the vast majority of public funds. Many bankers complain incessantly, but there is no way to know is behind the party secretary’s influence." Longyan financial system, a responsible person said. This phenomenon is not isolated in Longyan. Reporters found that the use of public funds has become a new profit storage tunneling technique. In November 2014, the central fifth inspection teams to inspect the situation in Zhejiang province feedback, transfer of benefits appear to form new covert tactics, including some leading cadres in the use of public funds storage profit situation. In July 2015, the Guizhou provincial special inspection group of 12 provincial universities and 3 hospitals and health institutions to conduct special inspections after that, most of the units are public funds to private storage violations. The bank leadership focus on "public relations" object "of commercial banks have Lanchu, bank branches have deposit quantity assessment indicators, Lanchu" public relations fees "and" publicity "special expenses for" hospitality "and" public relations "key customers, and the party and government organs, institutions and state-owned enterprises in the amount of public funds a large, stable source, is each big bank for" big cake "." Longyan banking regulatory bureau discipline inspection team leader Lian Shengxiang told reporters. There are public funds to store the leadership of the decision is the focus of each bank public relations object. According to the multi discipline investigators, in addition to high-end banquet, reimbursement invoices, travel arrangements, gift shopping cards and other conventional means, more subtle is the bank arrangements of public funds unit leaders spouse, children or other stakeholders to silver"相关的主题文章: