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Why SEO works (search engine optimization) and Why it does NOT work from SEO Expert Let’s start with why SEO works and how it can help your business. I have been building and promoting websites (WordPress ONLY) for the last 4 years. Over that time the technology and plugins used to build and promote these wordpress sites has drastically improved and continues to evolve every single day. The website of two years ago is now obsolete; and should be updated. With WordPress updating a website no longer involves weeks of .municating back and forth with coders or developers. Once your Word Press site is built we can show you how to update and optimize it very easily. Either with a step by step video or through detailed instructions. Why do I only use wordpress you might be asking? Simple answer for youIt is the BEST platform for SEO and for the ease and ability to edit it yourself. Another major factor in wordpress technology is that it is continually changing for the better and with One-click you can update it to a newer version and or change a color scheme or add an image or video. So, now you have a wordpress site, included in this site is the BLOGGING function. In case you are not aware of what a blog is see wikipedia. This function is vital toward your getting your site seen and involving your clientele in your business. See with my AWESOME SOCIAL NETWORK PLUGIN that I have spent the last year modifying and perfecting with each blog post you can now reach several hundred (600+ytd) social networks after hitting publish after each post. Google loves this and your POST/Article (if done correctly and optimized) will propel to the front page within minutes. It is one thing to have a nice website but if nobody can find it when type in a search term then what is the point of having a website? Let’s say that Hank Williams is in Orange County and would like to find a Bike Repair .pany for his new beach cruiser. He most likely will type into Google something like this "bike repair orange county" Now If your website guy/girl is worth a darn then your website should show up under these results. Now, to take it a step further the difference between a seo .pany and a great seo .pany is that your business wordpress website will show up multiple times under multiple variations of the search term "bike repair .pany orange county." Example= cruiser repairs orange county or orange county bike repair, bike repair. We also make sure that your results show up as different media types such as videos, Google places pages (with your .pany’s reviews), your website, and articles or blog posts you have written about "bike repairs in orange county." For about $300 a month you should be able to close at least 3 or 4 deals a month off Google alone which should more than pay for your online marketing costs. To review here is what makes your business phone ring: Clear-concise WordPress website with a call to action and videos as well as elegant images to show your clients what you do and how well you do it. Make it easy to navigate through and your business information in plain sight multiple times. Coupons and Tips are a great idea as well. Use YOUR BLOG it is loaded with a plugin that will get top search resultsI cannot stress this enough. Do not be afraid to take 15 minutes a week and write an article about your .pany or tips that may help your clients. Promo Videos about your work and what you do..easy Google Places account if you are not logging in to this and optimizing it to the fullest you’re are just letting your .petitors get more share of the search results. Google is allowing you to rank amongst multi-million dollar .panies. Promote your site drive clients to it. Coupons, giveaways, tipsmake your site interactiveIf someone leaves a .ment answer it; make it fun your website should be full of .ments give always tickets or coupons if someone leaves a .ment. Take SEO seriously and let me run your keywords and article through my SEO software. Guaranteed front page results. This is why your phone does NOT ring!!!! Not using your blog? This free by the way and with my plugin a cost of $500.00 a year or $70.00 a month (.pare that to a yellow pages ad that does absolutely nothing) Not using your Google places Not having a WordPress website Not using your Google places account Being like everyone else who is NOT ranked high on Google Not having your website optimized Having a website and not following any of the above is the same as not having any website at all. Please think about this. GOOGLE is the future and can be the difference in how often your business phone will ring. Not tracking your phone calls as to where they are originating from and what people are typing in. Ask the client on the phone How did you find me? I have so many business owners that would be more than happy to tell you how well their Google SEO campaigns are going and how often their phone is ringing. This works and if you still don’t believe it your .petitors will love that you don’t know or believe. 相关的主题文章: