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Diplomacy in the late Qing Dynasty seventy years before and after the two Opium War and the collision of Chinese and Western Sohu read first pages: basic information + primer   the diplomacy of the late Qing Dynasty seventy years: the collision of Chinese and Western authors before and after the two Opium War: Li Shuwei press: Eastern press: before the Opium War of the Qing Dynasty is closed, and do not want to foreign exchanges. However, the Western powers want to expand to china. A promise, another will be hard, the use of yangqiangyangbao. Overnight, China’s gate was opened. In the system, the concept of Qing Dynasty and before, do not know how to deal with, but do not know how to negotiate with foreign powers. So, from the Forbidden City to master the emperor towards the doctors in the sudden yes and the powers of the negotiations the tragicomic scenes: why Emperor Daoguang refused to open the coastal port city? Why would Lin Zexu smoking make painstaking efforts to become victims of the war? Emperor Xianfeng why to death against the foreign minister Beijing? The first part of the book is "seventy years" diplomacy of the late Qing Dynasty, before and after the two Opium War to retreat and the Western Qing country door as the breakthrough point, to explore ideas of events and blending style to show why the West should knock on the door, why the retreat and war broke out before and after the Emperor Daoguang, Xianfeng emperor, Lin Zexu Prince Gong Yi, historical figures such as cognition, attitude of the western world, and the profound analysis of the struggle in the diplomatic game in the real cause of the two Opium War, the Qing dynasty. [content] a primer Macartney’s visit to China in 1793, the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong who has been in office for 58 years. He was 83 years old this year. He is really a few teeth drop out left, talking mouth running the old style of the emperor. This year, something happened, the angry old emperor angrily shut the door in Qing dynasty. Why did emperor Qian Long shut the door? About the visit to China from the British envoy Ma Gally, speaking with China trade requirements. Ma Gally asked why the Sino British trade? At that time, with the acceleration of the process of industrialization in modern times, although the production of a lot of advanced products, but the product can not sell. This makes the king very distressed, how to do? They wanted to open up foreign markets and sell their products to foreign countries. It is precisely because of this, the United Kingdom is expected to use diplomatic means to improve trade conditions, and let the product into the large number of Chinese market. Some business people in England have suggested to King George III: "the first and most important goal is not to damage or weaken relations with china." However, the British king also heard that China’s foreign trade is regulated, does not allow foreigners to do business in china. Moreover, China’s Emperor Qianlong is a very proud and conceited person, not easy to deal with. To achieve China and trade, to be honest, the king really somewhat confident, because he had heard that the Qing Empire is a very great importance to etiquette, usually go to the Chinese foreign envoys to the students of the school have to. Thrice kneeling and nine times bowing ceremony. Such a ceremony, the king thought it was an insult to the British Empire, he can not accept. What shall I do? Ying Wang si.相关的主题文章: