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Should a child go to hospital for a lifetime? Listen to the advice of experts in pediatric – Sohu healthy women and children hospital of Ningbo this time to the hospital doctor children also increased, mainly respiratory diseases, including cold, have a fever, cough, asthma etc.. Next week, there will be another wave of cold air strikes in Ningbo, so how to prevent children sick, if sick how to care for children, when to go to the hospital, we listen to the recommendations of pediatric experts. – map to the city’s Hospital vehicles lined up Q how to prevent children from getting sick? 1 timely to add clothes, do not cover too much 2 bad air, reduce the child out of time; 3 maintain a certain indoor temperature and humidity; 4 air-conditioned rooms every day at least two times to ensure ventilation, 15~30 minutes each time; 5 the appropriate drink warm boiling water, not overeating; 6 do not go to crowded places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.; 7 if there is a man in the house, try to avoid contact with children. Q how to dress the children? City hospital emergency department director Chen Yaping said: "children are a lot of colds are not frozen out, but the cover out of the. The children wear clothes is much judgment, there are two ways: first, touch the child’s clavicle, if the clavicle is warm, that clothes are just good; second, touch back, if the back sweat, and even clothes are all wet, the clothes wear too much, should be promptly cut clothing. In addition, the child as much as possible to choose cotton underwear silk, silk, linen, these materials do not stimulate the skin to absorb sweat, clothes should be relaxed. Autumn has just come, do not suddenly add a lot of clothes. Proper exercise is good for children." Q sick children how to care? If the child has a cough, runny nose and other respiratory symptoms, it is recommended that parents first to ensure adequate sleep, appropriate to drink plenty of water. Drink plenty of water not only promote the body’s metabolism, but also dilute sputum, thereby reducing the symptoms of cough. Need to pay attention to is that often in the morning with a bed sneezing, runny nose, nasal itching, stuffy nose, etc., should be alert to whether the child suffering from allergic rhinitis rather than a cold, do not immediately add clothes. If the child runny nose, it is necessary to wipe the nose in a timely manner, a little bit of children’s moisturizer or lotion to protect the skin. In addition, we must pay attention to oral care, to keep the mouth clean, so that after dinner mouthwash. In this way, not only can promote appetite, but also conducive to the rapid recovery of the disease. Q children have a fever to go to the hospital? Pediatric experts said, not only to determine whether the degree of high fever, the key to a comprehensive observation of the child’s physical condition. Some of the children had a high fever, but a good mental state, eating no loud cries, what the problem is, this belongs to the mild, but some children although temperature is not high, but in the blues, pale, unresponsive, poor appetite, drowsiness, decreased urine output, which belongs to the severe, should go to the hospital seeing a doctor immediately. Generally speaking, if the body temperature is below 38.5 degrees Celsius, the temperature drop can be used相关的主题文章: