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Sichuan chongjia football war Annapurna I opened 20 million bonus – Beijing starting this afternoon, one week, two games, will largely determine the fate of Sichuan football. Sichuan wins, a return to football, over two years without a window of a super; negative, is still in the second struggle, I do not know when it will continue to wait for the arrival of the light of day. Chongjia Award: 20 million VS1500 million Sichuan Annapurna I B in the first round of the competition staged "South four miracle", in the south of the identity of the fourth in the two round total score of 3 to 2 over the first North Ningxia mountain sea island, the strong into the B semi finals. If in the semi finals of the two round through the Lijiang Flying Tigers this off, will occupy the two rise of a number. To this end, Annapurna I club out of 20 million chongjia bonus players good the semi-final two leg, which in the second not unprecedented, but at least it is unprecedented, with a $1000 if it is so, it has been even more than AFC Champions League level — this year, Suning in Jiangsu AFC Champions League group phase. The winning prize is 6 million, Hengda is 3 million. The port through the two knockout round scored eight AFC Champions League bonus after only 10 million. Of course, Annapurna I rival Lijiang flying tigers also open enough bonuses for chongjia, the local government of Lijiang suspended red 15 million for the team. So, this afternoon the first round matchup will be 3 points at the Lijiang stadium because chongjia places and the grand prize incentive and tragic matchless, Annapurna I for this game is at the bottom of the draw, it is best to get a score draw away, then back to the October 15th "Sichuan football Shrine" adult Center to resolve the fighting. Chen Tao has a free state of good at noon yesterday, Sichuan Annapurna I troops arrived in Lijiang, staying at a hotel in the distance Lijiang stadium is only a few minutes in the ancient town of Shuhe. Four pm, the team went to the stadium for an hour on training. The two round of the competition and Ningxia mountain sea island prior to two, the two heavyweight new aid canal join the team and Chen Tao has a hamstring injury, qucheng missed away with the Ningxia team, and Chen Tao is in this game with facial injuries. Qucheng and Chen Tao’s injuries are also concerned about the hearts of fans in Sichuan, Chen Tao played a crucial role in the elimination of the Ningxia team in two games 2 win 1 than the first leg home court, free kick two headed Chen Shaoqin and Jiang Xiaochen from Chen Tao, while the second round of the 1 – 1 draw off field Ningxia, the only team also scored the Chen Tao ball the other side of the own goal. The canal into to team after quickly became the front fulcrum, especially the regular season home court 1 0 Lectra Lijiang flying tigers is a war, drains into the contribution of lore. After the Ningxia team after the game, Annapurna I ushered in three consecutive weeks of rest, it also drains into the rehabilitation and Chen Tao provided a time. Two people also appeared in yesterday’s Caichang training, and participated in the first half against the group. The core of the team Chen Tao training in the state is particularly good, several wonderful breakthrough shot to win the cheers of teammates. Judging from the current situation, Chen Tao appearance should not Jiang相关的主题文章: