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Sichuan traffic police UAV high-speed road to capture more than 90 illegal mid – Beijing, Beijing, Chengdu, September 17 (Liu Zhongjun Mo Haiqing) reporter from the evening of 17 Sichuan Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps was informed that during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the traffic police in the province since Lu, chengmian wide high-speed UAV real-time traffic flow on the road monitoring, traffic accident disposal and thorough investigation of the illegal traffic, has accumulated more than 90 pieces of illegal capture. 17 PM, Mianyang, since Lu speed to the nearby Jenshou palace two high-speed crane tunnel near the intersection with E-Mount, Sichuan Police College Public Security Digital Information Institute and Shenzhen electric aviation staff were flying drones, the section of the road to patrol control. UAV photos taken as an important basis for the traffic police to open a ticket." Since Lu a high-speed traffic police brigade Zhong Wei said, "the drone, like get in by every opening" electronic eye movement, highway drivers of every act and every move can be crystal clear. Mid Autumn Festival, Sichuan traffic police using unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the traffic flow on the highway. The photo by Zhong Xin without the use of the maximum flight speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour can be man-machine, anti 7 winds, the longest 1 hours of flight time, flight radius of 15 km, 30 km from within 40 minutes, at a height of 100 meters can still achieve the function of vehicle license plate recognition. "Road inspection by UAV, can return real-time video images, for the traffic police department to understand the actual situation in the road, to take control measures, to ensure the smooth flow of road." Sichuan Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps police said. In addition to the Mid Autumn Festival holiday period using drones enforcement monitoring, Sichuan police also through its official micro-blog were broadcast live throughout the UAV enforcement, has aroused widespread concern of many users. Unmanned drones to take off. Zhong Xin photo is reported, Sichuan police will be the future of UAV + patrol car road management and control model normalization, while a variety of ways to carry out law enforcement webcast, better serve the general public. (end)相关的主题文章: