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"Sparrow" fixed gear conference rookie agent Dongyu Zhou: Growing Record – Sohu entertainment "sparrow" Dongyu Zhou Li Yifeng Zhang Ruoyun "sparrow" creative creative photo photo Sohu entertainment news August 25th, the Spy Drama "sparrow" held fixed gear conference in Beijing, starring Dongyu Zhou, Li Yifeng, Zhang Luyi, Zhang Ruoyun attended the activity. For the first time appeared in the Spy Drama Dongyu Zhou, wearing long sleeved leather and black leather skirt debut, elegant yet capable female agents. Talk about their roles, Dongyu Zhou quipped "I played an ugly adorable rookie agent, eventually became the party elite agents". Dongyu Zhou first appeared in the spy TV plays the role of Xu Bicheng bluntly too stupid is this, Dongyu Zhou first appeared in the spy drama. The conference site, Dongyu Zhou wore a long sleeved black leather skirt leather and elegant in appearance. The trailer released at the scene, a uniform appearance of her dress, there are a lot of shooting drama, drama full of valiant. Turning to the role he plays in the play, Dongyu Zhou shared the way I played this is a rookie agent, and slowly became a party of my excellent agents". When asked about the most impressive thing, Dongyu Zhou said "when I read the script at the time, think how would there be so stupid girl, Xu Bicheng has been in a catastrophe, then Chen deep sea of Tangshan has been giving her up". Li Yifeng and Zhang Ruoyun interpretation of troubled love Dongyu Zhou and Li Yifeng continue to live interactive ridicule as a "former lover" in the play, two people at the scene also interact constantly. The moderator asked Dongyu Zhou to Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou replied, "his unique logic of love spicy food, he is still so handsome, so he is a good boy", the scene everyone can not keep up the rhythm of her trip, thinking that provoked the laughter. Played a couple Zhang Ruoyun and Dongyu Zhou in the drama, also quipped "rain is a brain hole surprised at the scene, at the time of filming does not play by the rules".   相关的主题文章: