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Barrier free art exhibition special artist balloon adventure "opened in November 4, 2016" in Beijing, twenty-two School Street Art District Baidu Post Bar Yitu to accessibility in Beijing launched a special public exhibition, the exhibition of the paintings on display are the author who mental disorders, including autism, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia and mental disorder. As previously held in Baidu Post Bar "found Chinese continuation of Van Gogh" online exhibition, the exhibition not only caused no small repercussions, so many had seen these works online friends come here". Baidu vice president Lu Fubin at the opening ceremony of the exhibition speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Mr. Lu Fubin, vice president of Baidu said that at present there are hundreds of mental disorders involved in Baidu Post Bar on Post Bar, such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, etc., the number of users close to 10 million. Among them, judging the severity of illness, treatment and nursing care of life is three kinds of problems of patients and their relatives to Post Bar psychiatric disease. The most frequently asked; many enthusiastic medical experts and experienced old friends will answer a question from other friends patiently. Prior to this, stick with the barrier has no way to carry out cooperation in Baidu post bar to carry out the discovery of China’s Van Gogh online art exhibition, attracted the attention of about 300000 friends. Baidu Post Bar and accessibility Yitu held the line of exhibition, is this a hope that the continuation of public power network, set up a display of their own, and social communication platform for this group, so that we can know more about their spiritual world, understand and accept them as a member of our society. No obstacle Yitu Beijing area project director Gao Hua delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition area of Beijing Yitu accessibility project director Ms. Gao Hua also said that the exhibition is not only a show, but want to let everyone know, to mention the quality of culture and art as a medium, mental and intellectual disabilities or people living from the spiritual dimension. Far better than simple material to aid in the form of more. Barrier free art is also found in the exploration, the painting does improve their mental state and mood to a certain extent, that art as a means of rehabilitation, has a certain feasibility. Prior to the online exhibition held on Baidu post bar, from the friends of the enthusiastic support, it is this form of affirmation. Visitors looking for Chinese Van Gogh "special artist exhibition after the opening ceremony, from barrier free art volunteers to guide people to visit the exhibition of paintings on display, interpretation of these paintings art style and the story behind for visitors. "Adventure" balloon dragons from mine. Dragon is a cerebral palsy patient, but he is also a good argument, expressed his love can see pictures from different angles, or a forest, or look up at the stars, his works often reveal his thoughts and doubts about time and space. "The sea" "the sea" by Li Jielin is autistic, he has amazing keen sense of color, often can create a world full of "meditation" in limited colors, paintings almost only blue, but have a strong complex color.相关的主题文章: