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Su media: Marbury is CBA spirit model, professional attitude is worth learning, Marbury in the game, everyone thought that Urumqi Hongshan stadium will not have a miracle, the defending champion will be swept out by Xinjiang team. But Marbury in his 39 birthday Eve, scored 37 points and 6 assists, helping the Beijing team survived, will play back to wukesong. Marbury was called legend because he refused to admit defeat at such an advanced age and challenged the physiological limit of a basketball player. That’s why he should be respected. Although Marbury in Chinese helped the Beijing team has won 3 Championships, but not his fans There are plenty of people who love. Whenever a horse hits a good shot, someone says, "right leg", "nag" has ever smoked marijuana in america"…… Perplexed in recent years is still fighting, the history of the CBA players like this is very rare, but Mabry more special is that, even if has 38 years old, he still maintained a good competitive state. Averaging 17.3 points and 6 assists, that’s what the old horse handed over this season. No man. The past is not important, the important thing is that now Marbury dragged the liquid wound leg, still in the CBA field struggle, to the fans forward high level game. Perhaps no data can be analyzed, Maradona to CBA ratings of how much contribution, but it certainly is a play in the CBA for these years, CBA has made numerous topics, attracted more attention, not only for Beijing Shougang, for the development of the CBA, the horse is doing. In the game, Marbury presents the mental state, is not bow to admit defeat. This brings positive and positive guidance to young fans and spectators, and is the strength of an example. These are valuable qualities that our society needs. For Chinese players, the old horse also played a good role in demonstration, he told you, what is called dedication?. In CBA, some young players only envy others how much they pay, but do not want to train hard; only see other people’s surface scenery, but can not see the other people pay behind. Yesterday is Marbury’s 39 birthday, almost 40 years old, still on the court spell. If you’re ten or twenty years older than an old horse, should you ask yourself, what’s the reason why you don’t work hard?

苏媒:马布里是CBA精神榜样 敬业态度值得学习 马布里在比赛中   原本大家都以为,乌鲁木齐红山体育馆不会有奇迹发生,卫冕冠军将会被新疆队横扫出局。但是马布里在其39岁生日前夜,砍下37分6次助攻,帮助北京队死里逃生,将比赛带回五棵松。   马布里之所以被称为传奇,是因为他在如此高龄仍不服输,仍在挑战一名篮球运动员的生理极限,就凭这一点,他就该被尊重。尽管马布里在中国帮助北京队已经拿到3个总冠军,但不喜欢他的球迷大有人在。每当老马打出一场好球,就会有人说“马上腿”、“老马在美国曾经吸过大麻”……年近不惑依旧拼杀,CBA历史上这样的球员本就是凤毛麟角,而马布里更特殊的地方在于,即便已经38岁,他依然保持了出色的竞技状态。场均17.3分6助攻,这就是老马本赛季交出的数据。   人非圣贤,孰能无过。过去不重要,重要的是现在马布里拖着抽过积液的伤腿,还在CBA赛场拼搏,给球迷锋线高水平的比赛。也许没有数据可以分析,老马给CBA的收视率带来过多大的贡献,但可以肯定的是,老马在CBA打球这些年,给CBA制造了无数话题,吸引了更多人关注,不仅对于北京首钢,对于整个CBA的发展,老马都是有功劳的。   在比赛中,马布里所呈现出来的精神状态,是不低头不服输。这给年轻的球迷或观众,带来的是正面和积极的指引,是一种榜样的力量,这些都是我们这个社会所需要的可贵品质。   而 对于中国球员而言,老马也起到了很好的示范作用,他告诉大家,什么叫做敬业。在CBA中,有些年轻球员只羡慕别人拿多少多少的高薪,却不愿意刻苦训练;只 看到别人表面风光,却看不到别人背后付出。昨天是马布里的39岁生日,都快40岁的人了,还在球场上拼。那些比老马小十岁甚至二十岁的球员,你们是不是该 问问自己,有什么理由不好好努力?相关的主题文章: