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Taiwan from the mainland coast guard ship stopped anti missile test? Expert: Beijing – kick up a cloud of dust global network reported on October 9th [military] according to Taiwan’s "free times" 6 reported that the Taiwan military planned "Patriot anti missile test -2 air defense system in October 5th, but due to the mainland coast guard ship in Taiwan Orchid Island southeast of waters, in order to avoid the leakage of important parameters" Taiwan, stop shooting task. Reported that the Taiwan military planned area in Taitung County, the implementation of the "Pacific military precision weapons shooting", the highlight is "Patriot -2" missile as target "Tiangong -2 missile. But in the completion of the deployment, the CAS staff is ready, the exercise has suddenly stopped, then left Taiwan military officers. Taiwan’s defense ministry said on the 5, because of the discovery, the coast guard ship high seas activity near the southeast of Orchid Island Province, in order to avoid the leakage of important parameters, to stop shooting task. Taiwan’s "defense minister" Feng Shikuan 6, "the report in the Legislative Yuan foreign affairs and defense committee before the respondents said that the missile firing drills have provided very careful, if the weather is not permitted," the enemy intelligence ", will test. The media asked, whether by continental maritime police boat into the sea area has affected the Taiwan side test? Feng Shikuan said: "I think it is, otherwise we will not stop suddenly." The DPP "legislator" Wang Dingyu even at the inquiry executive deputy chief of staff Zechun Pu declared that "always wanted to know," Tiangong ‘missile parameters." Taiwan media said, in the past the drill Taiwan, mainland police boat and electronic reconnaissance aircraft near the Taiwan sea "non news". In August this year "Hankuang 32" exercise, passing a mystery plane hovering in the Taiwan Strait West for two consecutive days, suspected "Taiwan intent collect intelligence, but in the" full control ", there is no abnormal situation. Last May, Taiwan’s "Patriot -2" missile firing exercises in Pingtung, the Taiwan military radar appears unidentified objects, suspected, maritime police boats, electronic reconnaissance aircraft approaching, forcing Taiwan military emergency shutdown missile parameters, stop shooting subjects. For Taiwan’s argument, the people’s Liberation Army Navy military academic researcher Zhang Jun agency 8 days to accept the "Global Times" reporter said, this is obviously in Taiwan like "-2" kick up a cloud of dust, bow ‘such a missile has been out for many years, mainland China is not advanced, there is no need to do so." Zhang Junshe also said that the coast guard ship, the main task is to protect the normal operation of fishermen, safeguarding marine rights and interests, and intelligence have no relevance. "Taiwan today took the coast guard ship that, in a few days may also take the fishing boat, the surrounding waters, all vessels, if in accordance with the Taiwan logic, then it can’t be any missile launch, which is typically out of thin air." He believes that this reflects a number of Taiwan people trying to fight against the mainland, creating an atmosphere of tension, is not conducive to the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. * (Fan Lingzhi)相关的主题文章: