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In the museum and history together a bath: Adorable is actually antique since Shenzhen summoned a nearly 100 well-known museums at home and abroad, people have come to Shenzhen for the director, to participate in the international high level forum held the opening ceremony of the museum today. In the next two days, the guests will focus on four issues of cultural relics protection, the museum industry development and innovation. 12, the guests will also visit the Shenzhen museum after the end of the meeting!" Yesterday Xiaobian inventory of the world’s ten major museums, the museum is carrying heavy history, pavilions and exhibits are very solemn, but now the museum also has a Meng Meng Da, today let us demystify them together, see is a kind of museum. Do you remember the dinosaur? Yes, that’s the dinosaur in the classic series, the wonderful night of the museum! The brain hole wide open God inspired the magic of many people in the museum. The filming of the film – American Museum of Natural History to play the style change on the big screen, in addition to this fantasy style, many other museums at home and abroad also tried a variety of styles. Look at the museum, which is stronger than creativity? The British Museum creative – British Museum: one of British Museum’s greatest treasures – the Rosetta stone is light this tablet was developed into all developed products, such as laptop, U disk, pen, wallet, computer bag, sponge cup vent…… It is even designed as a puzzle, do not know how many people can spell out the bathtub floating in the Viking warrior version of yellow duck, yellow duck Sphinx version, gimmick is "and history together a bath: the UK kid who love Peter Rabbit also has a version of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs! The Metropolitan Museum of the Metropolitan Museum and the "Museum wonderful night" was filmed in the American Museum of Natural History across the street, the museum store is not only open in the museum, in the United States and Australia, such as Spain and other places to open 16 stores. With up to 10 categories of products. The collection of antique jewelry inspired design, although the glass box behind the jewelry really elusive, but have a perfect engraved great: Mini sculpture is a good book: France – Le Louvre Museum, Monalisa often turned into a variety of souvenirs, cube, tangram, mug and so on can see Monalisa shadow. In the face of children readers a tour of Le Louvre Museum on the cover of Monalisa’s arms more than a cat. Tokyo National Museum of Japan – the product prototype is unearthed jade county people, bear Valley wild ancient grave two statues of pottery figurine "dancing". Obviously can rely on signs to eat, these museums have to be creative! On the most China creative style in our country, the Museum of design and development of cultural and creative products more understand your heart! Beijing – the Imperial Palace Museum Yong Zheng had sold the adorable day: the Imperial Palace is not only the unique China wind and rich cultural heritage into cultural and creative products, successfully captured a large number of eating melon group!相关的主题文章: