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Things To Consider When Choosing A Headlamp.

One of the most overlooked tool when people are going for camping or night outdoor escapades is a headlamp. People often make the mistake of equating its purpose and resourcefulness with that of a flashlight. Nature never stops to show us how wring with such notions. Ensure you have listed a headlamp as one of your essentials. How to choose a headlamp is the next thing to think about. Here are a few tips of choosing a headlamp.

Consider the battery life of a headlamp. You want to have a headlamp that can go on for hours before a requirement to replace them. A battery that has a long life is very crucial and saves you a lot of time and energy in the tagging along of batteries during your trip. A headlamp that has a long battery life will give you a sense of security to run around and especially if you get lost, you really don’t want to deal with a headlamp that will make you stop every so often for a battery change.

It is essential to carefully put into consideration the brightness settings of the headlamp. Having an allowance of changing brightness is an important feature for a headlamp to have hence you should consider such. You might want it very bright at night when you are walking in darkness or very dim when you don’t want too much light. If you are getting the headlight to use it for different purposes for example for reading and for hiking then you need one that has at least three modes of brightness, very bright, medium brightness and dim.

You need the headlamp to be weather resistant since you will most likely use it for hiking and camping. You should make sure that it will be able to withstand such weather as rain as it may be the first to be rained on since you have it on your head. When you are in the middle of a dark alley and you can’t see where you are going, ensure that headlamp is watertight to prevent form shorting out.

Look also into the weight of the headlamp having the batteries already intact. It will beat the purpose of making your walk or run that much easier when the weight of the headlamp is a nuisance. For running and hiking purposes you need a headlamp that is very lightweight. The best headlamps are those that you don’t even feel on your head. If however you are getting the headlamp for something else like reading, the weight won’t really matter.

It is important that you determine if you like how the headlamp fits on your head. You should love how it looks and feels around your head. If when you are running it is jumping up and down then it could be too loose or too heavy for that matter and even irritating. Most headlamps come with the option of tilting. Without having to move your head or bend down, you can control where you want the light to be.

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