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Baseball Don’t forget you can hear greater rock’n roll and country songs, baseball songs, baseball music and Baseball Stories by heading along to Ace Diamond’s official site! Well, here’s a follow up on "The Gowell Brother’s" Larry was a Bonus Baby (4TH Round choice & Dick a free agent) the continuing saga of two brother’s from the State of Maine (up in Bear country) that signed pro contracts the same day and were assigned to play together on the same team! Oneonta, N.Y.(New York Penn League) Yanks in 1967! You may not have been aware of Dick’s artistr (Aka) Ace Diamond Singer/Songwriter & later becoming an international recording artist on Allagash Country Records & specializing in Baseball Songs! In 2009 "Ace" and "Larry" recorded a CD "Playin’ Baseball" at EAB International in Lewiston, ME. .Which is fast becoming a Baseball favorite! .I ‘m sure you’ll find the baseball career of Larry Gowell (Pitcher) very enlightening and his minor league climb from Oneonta, N.Y. to Ft. Lauderdale and up to Manchester /New Haven, Ct. and later Syracuse to Yankee Stadium .A fun ride! "Larry Gowell" got promoted to the Big Leagues in Oct/1972 (The whole family traveled to the Big Apple that day to see him start!) Larry made two appearances for the yanks near the end of 1972! .. His first appearance in Milwaukee was a 2-inning no hit stint And on the last day of the season He got a start in the Bronx against those same Brewers (The scoreboard read…"Larry Gowell".. making his stadium debut after winning 11-straight games at West Haven(AA)" .. he toiled 5-innings..allowing just 5-hit’s .5..innings…6-K’s..and allowed only 1-run and pitched very well, but Jim Lonborg bested him that day! Roy White (Outfielder)Yanks.. just missed a home run down the right field line (short porch)with a man on, which would have given Larry a 2-1 win, but it went just foul around the pole! He lost 1-0..A highlight of the game was that Larry struck a wicked shot down the left field line off of Lonborg for a double!,, Which became quite historic.. It was Larry Gowell’s only hit in the majors.. BUT.. that made him "the last pitcher to get a hit before the designated hitter rule went into effect(1972)" !.. His lifetime MLB batting average is 1,000 and his major league era is 1.27! He later donated that ball to Canton, OH it now resides in the Hall of Fame! Right handed pitcher Larry Gowell Auburn, ME.(big Yankee prospect) was supported heavily by his dad and Brother "Dick" aka Ace Diamond -Singer who played one year of ball with Larry at Oneonta in 1967) Larry also played a few good years hurling & hitting in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, beyond his seven years of pro ball in the States! (1967-1974) He pitched well down there & handled the lumber pretty nicely to! In a later article we’ ll see what the great "Orlando Capeda" down in Puerto Rico had to say about "Gowell’s Hitting"!? As there was no DH rule there & Larry really loved to swing the bat! One of the best hitting coaches from the University of Maine once said of Larry: "That kid can hit a ball 9 miles"!! (Larry hit seveal dingers over 400 ft. in Legion & High School ball. He was 195 lbs 6′ 2" and built solid as a rock.. *He once broke a limb off a tree high above the left field wall in an American Legion game. Auburn, ME. in(1966) a real workhorse on the mound.. For instance.. He still holds the modern day record of 217 K’s in 196 innings..1.76 era. and an amazing 17 complete games ..With some shutouts/low hit games.. and "Believe it or not"? Gave up "ONLY ONE homer" all year long!!!! Florida State League (A-Ball) "Larry" was named the TOPPS (Chewing Gum Co.) pitcher of the year for all A-Ball leagues that year and won some Topps monthly awards to boot! After that amazing season (1970) he was promoted to AA-Manchester and won 12 games at that stop. He also later on (1971-1972 was named the Best Right-Handed pitcher in AA-West Haven(1972) under manager Bobby Cox and that year won his team won the Eastern League championship.. along side another star hurler/major leaguer Doc Medich. Larry & Doc were the one two punch for West Haven that year.. Larry Won 14 games and was promoted to The Big Leagues(Yanks) after the season! "Larry Gowell" was later inducted into the Lewiston/Auburn Hall of Fame and the State of Maine Hall. He will always have the distinction of being "the last pitcher to get a hit BEFORE the Designated hitter rule went in to effect in 1972"! Don’t forget to stop by the Aced Diamond website for more baseball stories and baseball songs! For details log on to us at: 相关的主题文章: