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The boss face class crisis exposed fear because of poor record fired [collection] 126-99 Lakers Pelican pick Russell Kobe inverse heavy sky hypsokinesis sports news November 14th Tencent were recorded Sam Amick today broke the news, the pelican coach Elvin – Gentry has been sitting on a volcano, if the record is no improvement, within a few weeks, he may fired. Sargent facing the school crisis "NBA coach and general manager Gentry said, the New Orleans coach has been in jeopardy," Amick wrote in a personal Twitter, they believe the pelican recently also won’t begin, maybe in a few weeks will fire him." At present, the record of 1 wins and 9 losses, winning the League last one, they start to encounter a wave of 8 game losing streak, finally got the first win in the bucks on the body, on a 99-126 defeat to the lakers. As a manager, no matter how many objective reasons, Gentry must bear some responsibility, a lot of teams in a crisis when the first step is always change. This season is Gentry coached the pelican’s second season, he joined the pelican in the summer of 2015. In joining the pelican before Gentry is a warrior chief assistant warriors season he credit a lot. Gentry is good at training the attack, is the famous running master, was the introduction of Gentry pelican is regarded as a great operation, the U.S. media predicted Anthony Davies pelicans and will usher in a qualitative change. Just did not expect to get 45 wins to make the playoffs the pelican 2014-15 season, Gentry took over after the 2015-16 season record slump, only got 30 wins back obviously missed the playoffs. At that time, Gentry also got outside and the team to understand, after all, the pelican season plagued by injuries, Horadi, Davies, Eric – Gordon, Tyreke Evans the main injuries have been unable to guarantee stable play, Gentry also can not cook a meal without rice. The pelican wants Gentry to prove himself in the season, but the first 10 games of the pelican only got 1 wins, Horadi, Evans, Pound Seth or because the family, or because of injury has not appeared, Gentry is also incapable of action. The pelican fell to such a situation the main responsibility may not be borne by the Gentry this summer, the pelican operation has been questioned, they let go of Ryan Anderson, Gordon Hill – just after the introduction of the Solomon, relying on this three Moore million players, did not enhance the strength. Plus Horadi Evans, the two main backcourt play, Pelican poor record in the expected. But, Davies, Pelican have to consider the feelings of the fans, according to Gentry, the bad record makes Davies very happy, he said: "Davies is not happy, no one will be happy in this situation, I don’t think anyone will be happy, this is we did not expect, a win in the home court it’s frustrating, very depressed." In addition, the goal is not to rebuild Pelican this season, but the playoffs, Gentry can not do, only to see if there are other options pelican. Gentry is 62 years old this year, he coached 797 games in NBA, winning 45.9%. Gentry has served as the heat, the piston, the clippers, the sun, the coach, only one season.相关的主题文章: