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The breeding base of 5 crocodiles escape still 1 not found (Figure) – Beijing Ventura reporter Wan Jing Jiangxi Ming exhibition industrial crocodile breeding base in Nanchang City, said the illegal building inspectors to the District of new town urban management department denied the health experts say illegal should ensure public security under the premise of Jiangxi network China pond discovered the crocodile! Even Japan, New South Village area rice town of Nanchang City, villagers said, repeatedly encountered this "Thriller at a glance". Reporters learned that the investigation, the crocodile is fled from a nearby crocodile breeding base. The crocodile breeding base and rice boss police station confirmed the news to reporters, police said: "we have the emergency personnel after receiving massive raids, has recaptured some fled the crocodile, otherwise 1 crocodiles have not found." The boss Mr Cheng also said the breeding base, these days the relevant personnel also seize the time to search, did not find out the crocodile again. Crocs waters appear to the villagers panic recently, the New District Shengmi town of Nanchang City, we are careful to remind each other, go out; many villagers told their children, not near the village pond. What makes everyone nervous? What terrible things are hidden in the pool? All have to start from the Village Road Town Village Yishanbangshui rice. South Village ponds dotted around the village, the villagers around the forest, lived a quiet and peaceful life, but recently, the village quiet life was broken. Ms. Gan told reporters that there is a pond in front of her, she saw a crocodile in the pond. On the morning of September 21st, when I was playing in the pool to see a treaty 1 meters long crocodile lying on the shore of the sun." The ten year old Xiong Sifan told reporters that the crocodile see the man immediately sank into the water, and he also spooked, swiftly ran. In order to confirm what Xiong Sifan said, in September 21st, the new legal newspaper reporter came to understand the situation. The villagers talk about "crocodile" pale, have said repeatedly seen. It is understood that from the beginning of June this year, the rice Town villagers reflect one after another to see a crocodile infested, fortunately no one was injured. The original calm South Village why crocodile? Where are the crocodiles from? There is a crocodile not caught in fact, early in the end of June this year, the media have reported that students Meenan integrated vehicle base in Nanchang Metro Line 2, workers found a crocodile nearby, experts rushed to the scene, the situation is also very surprised to find crocodiles here, in their view, Nanchang is not a crocodile the habitat, to also have never heard of and found traces of crocodile. Coincidentally, a few months later, in mid September, Nanchang rice Town Liu and friends in the pond fishing when he caught a crocodile, these people on the spot was scared. Subsequently, the Nanchang Municipal Public Security Bureau Honggutan branch Shengmi police station rushed to the scene, the crocodile will be brought back to the police station. In September 21st, according to the police handling the case told reporters, the villagers saw the crocodile is a village road, a company called "Jiangxi Ming exhibition.相关的主题文章: