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The car of the three minutes to destroy the most dangerous smell carefully car second-hand car accident car suddenly shady selling price is a lot of riders have found clues in automobile fault obviously, in fact, in addition to automobile fault judging by the noise, exhaust color, common tricks many times to judge is the old driver according to smell. As long as all kinds of fault diagnosis have some ideas, you can avoid some accidents and accidents in a large extent, nip in the bud. Smell strong reasons: clutch plate burning or not release the parking brake in the driving process to smell the special smell of non-metallic materials burning, is generally the car has burned the clutch friction plate, thin or overheating. This paste flavor also generally mixed with burnt smell, because the clutch plate material is made of rubber and asbestos composite material and etc.. If the use of the clutch is normal, there is no obvious hard Guadang or start a difficult situation, and stop to smell the smell does not come from the front of the car, but the car’s rear, then we will check the rear brake system without overheating, some careless owners in the case of pulling the hand brake force driving this. Will make after the brakes locked, so a burnt smell. The cab with a plastic paste flavor causes: electrical wiring short circuit or overheating if you smell the smell of plastic paste inside a burst of, most of the electrical circuit due to overheating. Note that the general thin wire wrapper, so overheating has occurred even if the line, not like the smell of burning clutch as big. However, the destruction of the wire, usually accompanied by local smoke, or local heating phenomenon, as long as the careful examination will be able to find the source to determine the fault location. Overheated wires that requires immediate stop to find out the reasons, don’t look at the smell of burning wires is small, but the risk index is very high, generally occurs in spring and summer high temperature wire will be more, if not timely, it is easy to cause damage to the circuit completely, the engine cylinder, and even cause the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion vehicle. Oil and gasoline mixed combustion caused by the reasons for the taste: oil into the combustion chamber to participate in the burning of this flavor is generally relatively rare, but you will not generally be judged after the smell. As a result of oil and gasoline burns are not the same, so the oil in the cylinder can not be completely compressed and burned, then there will be a small amount of oil particles discharged from the exhaust pipe, which is commonly known as the blue smoke from us. The car take the blue smoke is not a normal phenomenon. Should the lubrication of the cylinder wall and piston in the oil pipeline in oil under normal conditions, but once the cylinder wall wear or piston wear, originally in the oil passage oil is likely to flee into the combustion chamber of the engine. In addition, the valve wear of the engine may also burn oil; oil vehicle tube leakage aging, may also let the oil drops to the engine or the exhaust pipe, then emitting bursts of smell and oil may cause a fire. Remind you: when you smell the car should not appear in the odor, it is best to clean up immediately, otherwise it will lead to long-term respiratory disease health.相关的主题文章: