The closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Rio was extraordinary China’s best record

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The Paralympic Games won the praise of "extraordinary" Chinese hit the best record in the history of Rio Paralympic Games won the praise of "extraordinary" Rio De Janeiro September 18th Xinhua sports news (reporter He Jun, Zheng Zhi, Cole, Ji ye) Kovac mountainous night light flashing down at the foot of the Rio, Larkana sports venue Ambilight, the fifteenth summer Paralympic Games in 18 days the evening ended here, 160 countries and regions of the Paralympic athletes longitudinal dance song, happy farewell. The International Paralympic Committee Chairman Craven at the closing ceremony speech, said: "this is the term ‘extraordinary’ of the Paralympic Games, Rio’s passionate support even more than this marvellous city more beautiful, more than usual to play the players you return." Before the speech, the audience collective Iran Paralympic athletes and cyclist Bachman Go Babney Chad. The past 12 days, more than 4400 Paralympic athletes and passion in the game, most incisive show unyielding indomitable fighting spirit, the interpretation of the fate of the fighting spirit of challenge. Paralympic tickets sales exceeded 2 million copies, events broadcast in more than and 150 countries and regions, millions of people will be the most enthusiastic applause to the Paralympic athletes, let them in the movement back the confidence, realize the dream. The Rio line, China Paralympic delegation to create the best results since 1984 to participate in the Paralympic Games, won 107 gold medals and 239 medals and set 51 world records, won fourth consecutive gold medals and two first. This session of the Paralympic Games, China sports delegation for the first time the number of single gold medal Pobai, has won the China Paralympic history 400th gold medals and 1000th medals, Chinese fencing "dream team" won the project all 14 gold medals in 9, swimmer Huang Wenpan won 5 gold in about the pool. Broke the world record 5 times. Gold medal standings, the United Kingdom to 64 gold column of second, Ukraine, with a row of 41 gold in third. In addition, 63 delegations won the gold medal, the 83 delegations on the podium. Paralympic track and field men’s 1500 m T13 level (visual handicap) competition, the first four results are more than just the end of the Rio Olympic Games gold medal winner of the project, to become a legend of the Paralympic games. That night, the closing ceremony turned into a big concert. From Samba to rock, from pop music to bossa nova music, make people dance, let cultural resonance. Nuzman, chairman of the Rio Olympic Committee, said: "we have hosted a great Olympic and Paralympic Games, all of which began with a dream of turning Rio into an Olympic city." 21:15, Rio mayor Paes will give Craven the Paralympic flag, and then by Craven to the next Paralympic Games host representatives, Tokyo governor Koike Yuriko. In Brazil, "days", the moving song of the night, the Paralympic Games torch slowly declined, the Paralympic flame extinguished. (end)相关的主题文章: