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The data card with the NBA start defending drag was the strongest bench [collection] 32+8 nets 118-125 Russell cut the Lakers outside the hurricane 7 record three points in November 20th Tencent sports news according to the "Losangeles times" news, in charge of Luke Walton, the Lakers have to create the strongest alliance in stool lineup, compared to substitute Legion team instead of starting a drag on the defensive. The Lakers bench performance second team Walton magic in Russell injured, Walton even veteran Calderon in the first, which many people do not understand, in the Spurs before this season, Calderon only played 5 games, averaging 8 minutes per game, get 2.4 points and 1.4 rebounds and 0.6 assists. Why Walton fell out of the rotation, putting him first? "Our second team is the league’s first bench." Walton talks about why he put Calderon in the starting lineup, "so I don’t want to destroy the integrity of the squad, and that’s why we do it." Lakers bench alliance first? The Lakers don’t really have the League bench? The data can give the answer, in so far, 30 teams have played at least 11 games, but only 10 sets of bench work together more than 20 minutes, only 3 teams together for more than 40 minutes, one is the Lakers, and the other two sets from the clippers. The Lakers used the second team (Clarkson, Ingram, Lu Wei, Nancy and Black) this season have played together for 93 minutes in NBA ranked first, followed by the clippers, Felton, Rivers, Crawford, Wesley, little Johnson and Svets together to play 92 minutes and will replace the bath Wesley Johnson (who had recently three games), the four remaining unchanged, the Clippers this lineup played 44 minutes. In addition, the Lakers bench Legion offensive and also efficiency and the Clippers bench, the bench is the best in the League legion. The Lakers bench per round to get 104.9 points, 105.2 points for the Clippers bench, the Lakers bench each drtg 91.7 points, and the clippers is 91.1 points. Because the Speights midfielder can open space for the team, which makes the Clippers second lineup can be better, but the Lakers are legion can obtain extra chance to attack by rushing to grab offensive rebounds, to fight opponents. The Lakers bench than the starting lineup the Lakers bench better defense value has been highlighted, but in fact, the Grand Army of the bench in offensive efficiency only and the first slight gap, but in defensive efficiency, the Lakers starting lineup this season so far 156 minutes, each drtg is 109.1 points, this means that the Lakers bench in each drtg on more than a full lineup of 18 fewer points. Bench strong play is precisely why the Lakers unexpectedly, the team has established a sufficient depth, allowing Walton to free calls. (cat bear) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: