The female anchor of the miserable life one hour to jump 8 dance wear strange clothes for the nouvea-jessica rabbit

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The female anchor of the miserable life: one hour 8 hop dance for the nouveau riche weird clothes [Abstract] with the webcast increasingly popular, more and more college students began to enter the broadcast industry. Even in a less than ten square meters of the house, but also filled with a lot of students anchor star dream. This year, the network of senior female anchor cloth, is now studying in a university in Dalian. She gave her name in the broadcast platform YiBo_ Ibrahimovic". The combination of Chinese and English, which is the name of many big anchor features." In such a small room less than 10 square meters, Ibrahimovic began her career". Senior curriculum is not much, Ibrahimovic usually rented room inside to do live. Pictured Ibrahimovic in front of the live search for working state". After each live, Ibrahimovic will send the gift of the user’s name to the book, summed up the day’s live results. "The audience wanted me to remember them, especially the gift…… Remember the names of each of them." Compared to other contracted female anchor, Ibrahimovic did not get the platform of the contract, there is no fixed income. She didn’t even have a room full of dolls, no pink walls, no camera or microphone. She live on the tools, only when the birthday of the family sent tablet PCs and mobile phones. In this virtual world, people who brush gifts will have more right to speak. Whenever someone brush her fish or lobster (virtual items) you have to dance for Ibrahimovic. "Most of the time, an hour to jump 7, 8 dance…… The legs were soft when it was sown." With more and more people to do network anchor, competition has become increasingly fierce. Ibrahimovic every day to visit social networking sites and read some books to enrich themselves, so that they have more common topics with the audience in the live. Some viewers may also have a special "hobby", in order to meet the needs of the audience to nouveau riche, sometimes wearing strange clothes. The picture shows Ibrahimovic fans to cut the map. I would like to through their own efforts, one day for my father to buy a Audi Q7, this is my dream." Ibrahimovic said.相关的主题文章: