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The film festival opening ceremony – Feng Xiaogang attended the Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wang Jinyue) twenty-fifth China Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the thirty-third popular movie hundred flowers opened last night in Tangshan, in the next three days, the 101 award from the national assessment committee will be composed of the final assessment committee for this award, the final of the 10 nominees. Last night, the twenty-fifth Chinese Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival opened in Tangshan, including Feng Xiaogang, several artists attended the opening ceremony. In 2009, Feng Xiaogang’s film "Tangshan earthquake" was shot in Tangshan. Last night, Feng Xiaogang was the only one who took office before the party. He said that in 2009 he stayed in Tangshan for half a year to shoot the Tangshan earthquake "," the deepest impression is Tangshan people’s gratitude is very strong, in the face of the earthquake this crowning calamity, refuse to be cowed or submit. In particular, the deepest feelings of the people’s Liberation Army, these are placed in the film." Feng Xiaogang recalled, in order to restore the last century of the scene, sometimes need to road closures, Tangshan taxi driver is shooting earthquake movie, "very patiently waiting, I feel particularly good." Feng Xiaogang was subsequently awarded the "Tangshan City Culture Award" this honor, he took the trophy after said, now Tangshan City, face big changes, "especially green, salute the brave people of Tangshan!" Then, a "dream of the Phoenix" party staged, the party is divided into "phoenix dance", "Phoenix Nirvana?" three parts "and" Phoenix dream, all show the characteristics of local culture and history of Tangshan, Yu Wenhua as the Tangshan born singer sang "Tangshan." this song. In the previously published list of nominees, including "dragon tactic", "wolf", "Ji", "Sherlock catch worry" and "sun burning heart" and the ten film won the best film award nominations, Jing Bairan, Deng Chao, William Feng, Feng Xiaogang, Huang Bo and other actors will compete for the actor; Bai Baihe, Zhao Wei, Xu Qing Yu Nan, Hsu Chi, will compete for the best actress. Turn the award this year. Popular movie hundred flowers organizing committee deputy director Zhang Hong told reporters, as of August 10th, the Organizing Committee received a total of about 26000000 votes, "a record high". Eventually, the 101 audience judges will be on the scene of the awards ceremony on the 24, in order to vote on the ballot by way of voting, the final selection of the winners of major awards. In addition, during the film festival will be held "Chinese Film Forum", "China film science and Technology Forum" and other activities, for the development of China film pulse and give advice and suggestions. J166相关的主题文章: