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The finals – Gobel in the first set in grab seven 2-1 Cibulkova won the first wins – Sports Sohu Beijing time on October 23rd, the 2016 season WTA finals continue in Singapore, a game in the red group, the top seed Gobel suffered three wars, the final 7-6 2-6 6-3 score 2-1 win over Cibulkova, won the finals first group phase victory. Gobel of the season at the beginning of the Australian beat Serena A new force suddenly rises., winning the first Grand Slam champion, after the Wimbledon final again, then the United States realize his second Grand Slam championship, and Serena will be pushed off the throne of the world, before the finals Gobel has been locked in the first end of the year, is the first in 20 years to accomplish this feat the German athlete. Gobel previously played three times the finals of the tournament’s first stop group phase, the opponent will be the first team of Cibulkova, the two sides had 8 meetings in all 4 wins, but the last 4 meetings is Gobel unbeaten. The first game, first serve cibulkova the first game suffered a break point, Gobel 40-15 lead, then put the ball cibulkova mistakes, Gobel break 1-0 lead. Then the two sides issued their own security along the rhythm, Cibulkova in the eighth 40-15 extract a break point, Gobel even saved two break points, third break points on the Gobel double fault break 4-4. The ninth game of Gobel waste break point, issued their own security bureau after 6-6. Grab seven, Gobel start 3-1 lead, 6-5 took the lead in inventory, the final 7-5 win grab, the total score of 1-0 ahead of the. The second game, Gobel was the first to break, Cibulkova then Paul made second 2-0 lead. Then Cibulkova is breaking even with 4-0 leading. A big deficit, then rebounded, Paul made the fifth after the sixth back broken bureau. But in the seventh Korbel serve was again broken Cibulkova, 5-2 into the serving dish Bureau, Paul made a successful 6-2 to win the two set, the score for a 1-1 flat. Winning the game, issued their own security bureau 1-1, Cibulkova in the third 40-0 get three consecutive break points, completed after the break 2-1 lead. The fourth game of Gobel 40-15 to get a break point, then put the ball in the multi shot rally cibulkova, Gobel net pick back breaking 2-2 flat line. Gobel then Paul made the fifth game, Gobel in the sixth 40-0 extract a break point, once again after the break bureau leading 5-2. Cibulkova Paul made the eighth inning, Gobel 5-3 to enter the ball game, Gobel resolve two break points after the 6-3 win, third disc. Finally, after 2 hours and 17 minutes of the game, the top seed Gobel suffered the first grab seven cases, 7-6 2-6 6-3 final score 2-1 victory over Cibulkova, won the finals to win their first group phase, but also made against the latter’s five game winning streak. (Feng Qingyang)相关的主题文章: