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Golf They called it golf because all the other four letter words were taken. But why oh why does it look so easy on the T.V and suddenly be.e so hard when I pick up an 8 iron. I remember the first time I ever watched a live golf tournament I fell into the trap of ‘ this is an easy game, anyone with half a brain cell can do this’. Little did I know that I was walking into one of mans greatest conundrums – ‘how the hell do you play golf’. Simply put, all you are trying to do is get a little white ball into a hole in the ground, right ? WRONG ! This ‘simple’ golf swing is a .plex chain of reactions that if not timed perfectly result in shots all over the shop. If you are millimetres out at impact you are yards off line on the course. I went to watch the US at Bethpage this year, those guys hit it GOOD ! They seem to hit the ball the same every time ‘long and straight’. If you ever go to the range at a pro event you will notice the same. Funnily enough it actually boring after a while because they are just too good. .e to the range down the road with me and you will see action, unpredictability and I guarantee you won’t take your eye off anyone – unless you have substantial life insurance. But, what makes a good golf swing ? ( I hear you ask). Well I am one of those people who believe that KISS (Keep it simple Stupid) is a great rule to stick to. Especially in a game where there is so many thoughts. You can most definitely (I speak from experience) suffer ‘paralysis by analysis’. Logically every shot has a reason for bending viciously in the air into the tree’s. My head was upor my leg straightened to early or my right arm was not at a 56 degree angle to my eyebrow WHATEVER !!!!! Conversely you maybe one of those golfers who denies any responsibility for hitting a bad shot. In fact you people have an excuse every time a bad shot is inevitably about to happen, my shoelace was undone or that pigeon 6 miles away put me off. Get over yourself, YOU ARE HUMAN TOO!! Just like the rest of us. But there is a right and a wrong way to go about learning this beautiful game and there are some key things that I believe every golfer should incorporate into there game. Simplicity as I mentioned earlier is the key. Don’t get bogged down by over analyzing every shot, yes there is a cause but even the best hit bad shots, it is about limiting these bad shots or making them not so bad – GOOD BAD SHOTS. Always practice your weaknesses. For me personally it is my driver I want to get more distance (go on laugh.. but it’s golf’s holy grail). On the course I attempt to do this by hitting the ball as if it was my ex-wifes phone bill. But all this succeeds in doing is giving me a hernia and more negative associations with that woman, but enough about her. If you need more distance look for some ideas from qualified people!! or training aids (boy I love those things). The most important rule of all is to always always ignore your playing partners advice, what do they know !! Stick with people who are qualified. By that I mean read books, article, get a lesson. That way when you go out and practice you can practice with a purpose. After all practice makes permanent not perfect, but perfect practice well…. you do the math. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: