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The Indian army base was a terrorist attack after India – Pakistan to help: put pressure on the military channel iron Sohu global network reported: India controlled Kashmir a military barracks recently attacked, India accused Pakistan of supporting cross-border terrorism, Pakistan believes that India deliberately wipe black image, the transfer of the international community to India Kashmir in attention. Renewed tensions between India and pakistan. India’s "economic times" reported on 22 September, after the incident, India is seeking Chinese help, hope Chinese prompted Pakistan to put pressure on Pakistan to stop funding terrorism ", no longer let Pakistan land is used for cross-border terrorism. According to reports, in September 18th, Indian controlled Kashmir incident occurred, 4 militants attacked a base in the India army, killing 18 soldiers were killed in India, about 30 people were injured. India said the attackers crossing from Pakistan into India, and eventually all were killed in the crossfire. India’s military says it’s the deadliest terrorist attack in India in 26 years". India has identified Pakistan and related attacks. But the Pakistan government has denied any involvement in the attack. "Source" said that after the attack, the India government began to seek help from China through multilateral and bilateral talks in two ways. A reluctance to disclose the identity of the source, said: India is not intended to accuse China of Pro Palestinian tendencies, but rather to allow China to help solve the problem of India." Reported that India will soon and Chinese further contact, China leaders in the future for a period of time will go to India to attend the eighth BRICs leaders meeting will hold bilateral talks with India’s prime minister Modi. China Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang 21 on relevant questions responded that China hopes the two countries to strengthen dialogue and communication, properly handle differences and jointly contribute to regional peace, stability and security. He said that on the issue of terrorism, China’s position is consistent. China has always been opposed to terrorism in all its forms, and is committed to strengthening international cooperation to jointly cope with the threat of terrorism and to safeguard the security of human society.相关的主题文章: