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The man picked up the edge of nugget nearly fatal disaster (source: information) in a sunny, cloudless sunny weather, the Buddha and Ananda is the path of the field by the line. Suddenly, two people saw a heap of glittering treasures on the roadside, Ananda Buddha said: "ananda! Look, there’s a big snake." Ananda answered: "buddha! You’re right. It’s the most venomous snake." At that time the one is farming farmers, heard the Buddha and Ananda dialogue, very curious, I thought: "there were poisonous snakes?" So he went over to take a look, but did not expect to see very valuable gold was abandoned on the roadside. The farmer muttered: "oh! The monk said the original viper, can let me enjoy the gold." For farmers while four person, will be the gold for themselves, from their lives, no shortage of food and clothing. Poor farmers to get rich overnight, so that others envy, the news quickly spread to the ears of the king. The king suspected illegal money farmers, will get rich overnight, then sent him arrested by law. The farmer said ruefully in prison: "Buddha said is a snake, Ananda said is venomous snakes……" He sees this shape, feel very strange, will tell the king. The king sent warders, farmers to the house to ask why. The farmer expressed regret: "before working in the field, to the Buddha and Ananda to the side of the line, because they have heard that snakes, went to explore how to find these very valuable gold. I was blinded by greed, for it is now in jail for themselves, I finally understand that gold is really cause infinite harm to people!" The king listened to the answer that farmers Dharma, know that he is trusted by the Buddha’s words, and confess it, so he will not return the pick up gold, but also give farmers a lot of treasures, and restore his freedom.相关的主题文章: