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The new flagship of the battle SONY Z1R contrast Sen HD800S- Sohu science and technology play headphones everyone has their own time to burn, and each era has a very rich fever features. No matter what kind of experience, the initial play of their headphones or the heart of the first headset is likely to be of great significance to their understanding of HIFI and listening to the concept of training is also very important. This is also the reason why some people will go back to the burning burning burning. Before buying their own equipment, and regular contact with the Walkman earplugs product, the network information is not developed. Back when their initial firing is probably in the first 14 years, the time to see a "young computer world" magazine, recommended two earplugs, one is the "price" for Sennheiser MX500, a design for SONY MDR-E888 and sweet girl. These two earplugs at that time is also the most popular choice, the election of the sea on the Internet or choose SONY also has its own supporters. At that time, because the skeptical of voice, so I have to start two earplugs. 14 years later, SONY released a million class headphones MDR-Z1R, Sennheiser will also be upgraded to HD800S HD800. Choose SONY or Sen Sen, the problem appears again. These two belong to each flagship product, slightly different is that SONY has a similar position with the first HD800S flagship products listed. While the position is already Sennheiser HD series of products in the hearts of the people fancier. SONY MDR-Z1R can shake the position of HD800S become the new choice of all the fans, as if to return to the scene I was beginning to burn. As the flagship headphone products, in addition to the most important factor is not the appearance of the sound, but to wear, which is also one of the main content of the interview on the official website of Japan’s talk about. Good wear is another important part of the flagship device other than the core quality of the headset itself. The first is all relatively familiar with Sennheiser HD800S, HD800S HD800 completely inherited the other part, the silver place into a black, this is the biggest difference with the appearance of HD800, and the wear and what had almost no difference. Part of the ear pad also does not change, compared to SONY MDR-Z1R slightly hard. Sennheiser HD800S did not say what is the familiar place, because the fans are very clear, but not familiar to HD800S desire fans have read a lot of drug culture, so will not repeat them here. On the other hand, focus on the new SONY MDR-Z1R. First of all, the overall MDR-Z1R bigger than HD800S, some loose on the feel. Earmuff is part of the SONY MDR-Z1R is quite large, which makes the sound insulation performance of MDR-Z1R has better. The use of acoustic resistance from the Canadian coniferous Shuyan相关的主题文章: