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The new semester superimposed on the "golden nine silver ten" push up prices of the Beijing part of the school district of Beijing houses, second-hand housing in the "golden nine silver ten" the first trading week ushered in a good start at the same time, Beijing traditional school district room once again began to rise cycle. Beijing Daily reporter survey found that over the weekend, in the latest batch of houses in Beijing, primary school, primary school, struggle Fuxue primary school, a small Hepingli Shichahai school district housing has the listing price rose about 10%. The industry believes that the second-hand housing market transactions hot for the scarcity of the school district room provides a hotbed of price increases, while the agency also contributed to the school district room to go more quickly on the rise in prices. Intermediary active agency data show that the volume of second-hand housing in Beijing in August after the growth in both volume and price, in early September has been a turnover of 12% year on year decline. However, contrary to the trend of the big market, the school district room into the heating channel, especially the scarcity of resources school district room, listing prices quietly rising. Beijing Daily reporter recently visited the market found that the primary school district room Fuxue second-hand housing price is about 90 thousand yuan -10.5 million square meters, and a new batch of housing prices generally rise to 110 thousand -12 million square meters; Xicheng District Shichahai primary school had regional second-hand housing price 90 thousand -10 million square meters, the new listing price already rose to 110 thousand yuan square meters; Dongcheng District Hepingli a primary school district room had the sale price of 80 thousand yuan -9 million square meters, but the new listing price has been raised to 100 thousand yuan square meters. Hepingli District, an intermediary staff: "September is the school season, is the traditional real estate sales season this year, Beijing second-hand housing market has been active, with the school district housing characteristics in this season of housing will be more attention, so the price rise is inevitable." Beijing Daily reporter visited the market found that most of the school district housing area, the intermediary is very active, the intermediary staff posted a small ad buy many houses, the purchase price is basically 10% higher than the actual price. In the annual sales season intermediaries will do so, so that they can create a hot atmosphere of demand, the price is also more likely to let the owners are willing to come up with housing transactions. School district housing prices in addition to market factors, there are factors from the intermediary to match." There are those who do not name the industry said. The test in agency opinion, September housing prices rose to a certain market space and the turnover of the grasp, and for the owners, the sale of housing in the sales season can get more right to speak. Another agency insiders, in May each year, the market of new tourists increased from a large part of the school district housing customers, this will pull the high price to a certain extent; in addition, each to the second half of the year is the school district housing turnover sales peak, most of their children to school and buyers who usually arrange things before and after school the election matters. The two year peak is not only the intermediary active period, concentrated period is the owners who shill. After the end of the first half of the school district housing turnover peak, the school district housing turnover will tend to stabilize, and into September and October, the owners will think of taking advantage of the opening.相关的主题文章: