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Religion Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj St Tulsidas Ji says in the Ramcharitmanas Bandaun guru pad kanj, kripa sindhu nar roop hari. Maha moh tam punj, jasu vachan ravi karani kar. I prostrate at the lotus feet of the Master, who is God, an ocean of grace, in human form. His Word dispels the darkness of ignorance like the sun banishes the night. The Spiritual Master is the human form of the Great Power that wipes out sins. Gu means darkness and ru means light; that is, the Spiritual Master takes a disciple to light from darkness. One who cannot wipe out the darkness of ignorance cannot be called the Spiritual Master. It is a great slip on the part of the Master if he says to follow his teachings but not to care about how he lives. These days many gurus say, Follow any path, you will reach there. If this is true then what was the necessity of Lord Rama incarnating on this earth? What was the necessity of Lord Krishna incarnating on this earth? What was the need for their teachings? What was the need for Knowledge? What was the need of Lord Buddhas teachings? Definitely, Great Divine Persons came in this world. They came when human society was wandering in the darkness of destruction. They came to show the right path, which is the real purpose of human life. They all showed the one and the same path. So, we all have to follow that same path. How can one be.e like Hanuman by following the path of Ravana? Is it possible to be.e Arjuna by following the path of the wicked Kauravas? There is no doubt that by following the path of Duryodhan, one will only head towards ruin and can never be.e Arjuna. Suppose you have to go to Delhi. If you are told to take any train, will you be able to reach Delhi? Or, if you take any bus from Delhi, then will it take you to your destination? This is not possible. For each destination you have to take a particular bus and you have to purchase a ticket for your exact destination: only then can you reach your destination. Next, you have to find the particular train or bus going to your destination and then you have to find your seat or berth in the vehicle. Likewise, you have to search for Spiritual Knowledge. There is a particular path you have to follow to find it, and only then you can receive it. This is the path which has been propounded by our sages, incarnations and Spiritual Masters and it is the one and the same path for all mankind. Nanya pantha vidyate anayah. It means that there are many paths, but not many ways to realise Truth. Rather, there is only one way: Mahajano yen gatah sa pantha. which means, Follow the path which has been trodden by all the Great Ones. It is essential to know that path on which our Divine Masters walked, which has been around since the time of Lord Rama through to Guru Nanak Dev Ji and is practised the same way even now. That has been the path of Ram, Krishna, Mahavir, Buddha and all great Masters. That is the path of spirituality, the path of soul. You must have experienced that even a minute stain on your spectacles results in blurred vision. Likewise, the living Spiritual Master is like spectacles through whom you can see God clearly; you can know Him thoroughly because the Spiritual Master alone shows God. That is why it is said that he is like the sun. So, if someone claims to be a Master but his personality is not pure and clear, if his life is shady, will he be able to impart the Knowledge? No. Now, we have to understand the difference between a teacher and the Spiritual Master, Satguru. A teacher may be teaching that smoking is injurious to health, but that doesn’t mean he does not himself smoke. A teacher may be immoral or corrupt; there may be a discrepancy in his words and actions. But there is no difference in what Satguru says and does. His life is totally clean, pure and stainless. A teacher can teach the verses of Saint Kabir, or the verses of Bhagavad Gita, but it is not essential that he has the same knowledge which Saint Kabir had or which Lord Krishna imparted to his friend Arjuna. In fact, a teacher rarely has the Knowledge of Reality. A teacher may be teaching about the Taj Mahal, even though he may not have seen it. He may describe Delhi’s places of importance from a tourism point of view, though he may not have even visited Delhi. But, whatever the Satguru teaches, has all been experienced and mastered by him. If there were a discrepancy in the words and actions of the Spiritual Master, then it would be true to say, If a blind man looks to another blind man to guide him, who will lead the way? What would be their condition in such circumstances? It is obvious that such a Master can never be a guide on the spiritual path. How can one who has not acquired and practised Knowledge impart it to others? There are many such gurus in India as well as abroad, who bewilder mankind by telling them controversial and confusing things. That is why it is said, Kathani mithi khand si, karani vish ki loy. Kathani chhor karani kare, to vish se amrit hoy. Talk is sweet and pleasing, but doing can be tough. So, put aside futile talk, do the right action, then it will be.e as sweet as nectar. Can anyone have the experience of totality and wholeness in illusory things? It is not possible to experience total satisfaction in worldly enjoyments. There is nothing in this world which you eat only once and never feel hungry again. There is no drink which you drink once and never be thirsty again. The experiences of hunger and satisfaction can never be the same. God is omnipotent, He has all powers. So can He make something which He Himself cannot lift? Nothing is impossible for one who is omnipotent. There cannot be the experience of totality or wholeness from anything in this world. Only the experience of the Spiritual Knowledge is total and whole, realising which, Lord Krishna says, a soul does not return. Knowledge was propagated and spread during the time of Lord Buddha, but then a time came when people started ridiculing the scriptures. The Vedas and other scriptures, which our saints and sages experienced with their inner vision, became the subject of sarcastic .ments. The work done by Lord Buddha started deteriorating and vicious results started .ing forward in society. Then Adiguru Shankaracharya Ji came on this earth and reversed the deterioration. In other words, when there is an excessive decline in spirituality, Divine Souls incarnate on this earth. They .e to liberate the earth from dogma and superstition. So, only by receiving and practising the Knowledge imparted by the Spiritual Master is the difference between saying and doing eradicated. To illustrate this, Guru Nanak Dev Ji says that the Knowledge imparted by the Master alone gives the understanding that God resides within and also in the outside world. Just think about it: the Guru Granth Sahib, which contains the verses of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the nine masters as well as talks given by the Masters, was .piled much later, but during the time of Guru Nanak Dev there was no Guru Granth Sahib. There was no clear form of it, nor it was .plete. Guru Nanak Dev Ji says, Andar-bahir hari ka wasa, yeh guru gyan batai. Jan nanak bin apa chinhe, mite na bhram ki kai. The Knowledge and the teachings of the Master give the understanding that God is within and also without. Without knowing the Self, doubts and confusions are not removed. What is the purpose of the word ‘Guru? The only purpose is that one will have to adopt good virtuous conduct in life. Without virtuous conduct, salvation is not possible. Since ancient times, two types of incarnations have been mentioned in India: the Nitya Avatar (perpetual incarnations) and Nimitta Avatar (incarnation for some specific purpose). The Nimitta Avatar is needed from time to time, but a Nitya Avatar is always present in this world to restore the spiritual balance. In every era, the great Divine Master does .e. People pray to Him in the form of nimitta avatar; the Spiritual Master about whom St Tulsidas Ji has written, Bandaun guru pad kanj, kripa sindhu nar roop hari. Maha moh tam punja, jasu vachan ravi karni kar. I prostrate at the lotus feet of the Master, who is God in human form, the ocean of grace. His word dispels the darkness of ignorance like the sun dispels the darkness of night. That is why we pray to the Spiritual Master again and again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: