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The Olympic gold medal athletes to Australia   Cui Shian said: courageously fighting   write a wonderful life – Hong Kong – original title: Olympic gold medal athletes to Australia Cui Shian speech: a wonderful life courageously fighting on 24 August, Xinhua news agency, Macao (reporter Yang Yi) the Olympic gold medal athletes delegation will visit Macao on Sept. 29 Cui Shian, chief executive of the evening of 24 entitled "understanding of sports life a better future" speech, praised the athletes self transcendence, courageously fighting spirit, from all walks of life in Macao by the sports spirit, a wonderful life. Cui Shian pointed out that the spirit of sports can give us the pursuit of excellence, beyond the self, the courage to challenge the quality. The athlete’s sports life, courageously fighting spirit as the reference of our life on the road, can bring a lot of inspiration. Winning the championship is admirable, but the hard process of pursuing success is the most precious spiritual wealth in the life of an athlete. Cui Shian said, a good athlete can harvest success, should also be able to face the failure, through the game and find their own shortcomings, and constantly challenge themselves, tenacious struggle to win. Look today, we live in a society full of challenges and competitions, there is no shortcut to success, so we should have the courage to accept the challenge, give full play to their potential, learn from each other, especially young friends, to continuously improve the ability to participate in the competition, in order to succeed. Cui Shian said in the speech, the athletes from the basic training has reached the world champion of the peak, whichever stage has to pay very hard. This spirit of dedication, let him think of the simple quality of the people of Macao, as well as unity watch, to build a fine tradition of a better home. He believes that each of the residents to pay every effort can contribute to the prosperity and progress of Macao. Cui Shian said that the Macao SAR government will as in the past to support the Macao sports and Olympic Committee as well as the development of the Sports Federation, continue to encourage the Sports Federation to join the International Federation of related, and strive for more international competitions held in Macao, in order to enhance the status of Macao in the international sports arena. (commissioning editor: Wang Ying (Intern), Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: