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The role really robbed? "Wu move back" Jin Chen poster exposure suspect – Sohu "Wu," Jin Chen entertainment poster exposure Sohu entertainment news on November 14th, Jin Chen issued a document called "science and society, and non defense." Netizens have speculated that in connection with the "Wu move back" change angle. It is reported that the "Wu", first officer Zhang Tian’ai play Xuan Ling Qing bamboo, at that time there have been rumours that Jin Chen will star should have. But in the end should be in Zhang Tian’ai Huanhuan, Wang Likun starred Ling Qing bamboo. In November 15th, the netizen drying out of a suspected "Wu move back the role of Jin Chen" poster, confirmed Jin Chen as before should Huanhuan the rumor is true. Recently, the "Wu," announced the official start and the exposure of the stars of the poster, Yang Yang Lin, Zhang Tianai Wu Chun should Huanhuan, plays Lin Langtian, Wang Likun plays Ling Qing bamboo. Subsequently the netizen said: "it is announced before the crew Zhang Tianai Ling Qing bamboo, why should be replaced with?" "Wu move back" before the magistrate Zhang Tianai Ling Qing bamboo, and then there are a lot of hearsay or Jiang Shuying will be revealed that Jin Chen should have. Did not expect that now temporarily replacing Zhang Tianai should Huanhuan, and Wang Likun as Ling Qing bamboo, so users have expressed confusion, some netizens said: "don’t know who is the mistress of this drama, Wang Likun is arguably not supposed to give Zhang Tianai match!" , there are friends, said: "as if the TV drama should be changed to be a mistress? But I do not think Wang Likun will go to Zhang Tianai to do with, ah, do not know the film side, did not set a good official on the blind. But now it is located in Wu Chun Wang Likun Zhang Tian’ai before!" In November 14th, actor Jin Chen microblogging "science and society, non defence", micro-blog, attracted hot friends, have speculated whether this rumor and Jin Chen was about to grab Zhang Tian’ai angle. Jin Chen and fan clubs are administrative micro-blog message: "the gentleman and indisputable without behind.   相关的主题文章: