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The second first show many highlights! Ingram a good offense and defense – Sohu sports > > data record survey shot point hot friends Beijing time on October 27th, NBA entered the second regular season games, the Lakers to a 120-114 victory over the Rockets in the home court, ushered in the opener. The Lakers selected this year although the data show Bangyan Ingram slightly dull, but the field is very eye-catching performance, 23 minutes off the bench to get 9 points and 3 rebounds. Before Walton was compared to Iguodala Ingram had a debut dedication brilliant defense, in three from 45 degrees clinging to Harden, one case of well restrict Harden’s singles. The offensive end, Ingram is also the color of the performance, the first three minutes left, Ingram hit the bottom three points will be decisive difference with only 1 points. In the second section, Ingram completed the back singles hit the difficult fadeaways, also has a back in the hands of dunks, lit by staples hot atmosphere. Overall, although the overall defense the Lakers still have a lot of questions, but Ingram on the defensive end still has many bright spots, both individual case harden and Ariza attack, also actively defend Anderson’s layup, he now also need to increase the body resistance and experience. At the same time in the attack, although the show universal skill, but Ingram also need to enhance their active attack, many are creating opportunities by teammates, and his ball assists when attacking desire is not strong. And compared with Iguodala, he is also a lot of offensive organization, the game did not have an assist, which is somewhat embarrassing. But the regular season debut, Ingram’s performance is still worth looking forward to, excellent physical condition and the competition gradually temper, he is expected to become the next two-way players. (A Ke)相关的主题文章: