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Travel-and-Leisure Choosing the Best Restaurants for Your Barbados Vacation One of the most amusing aspects of any travel experience is exploring the traditional cuisines. Bearing this in mind, you should take a break from swimming and sunbathing on your Barbados vacation and give some of the Barbados restaurants a shot. The Saint Lawrence Bay is an ideal dining spot where you can enjoy a Caribbean traditional cuisine while hearing the spectacular sounds of the ocean. The restaurant serves a large variety of seafood dishes and homemade cakes for dessert. Josefs Restaurant is a converted residence that is now home of an upscale relaxed restaurant with gorgeous views of the ocean, white tablecloths and twinkling candlelight. Here you can try the sophisticated contemporary cuisine with subtle hints of the Caribbean and Asia and you will also want to return, since the menu changes frequently. For local cuisine you may go to the Cliffside Restaurant and Bar, where you can have a wide range of freshly baked pies and pasta dishes. Rent a Car for Your Barbados Vacation If you feel the need to unwind and escape for a few days of your life routine, Barbados you. The cultural and historic heritage of the island of Barbados will throw you into a charming world that and excites you at the same time. The island has awe-inspiring landscapes and numerous prestigious monuments that you can explore during your stay. Art lovers will appreciate the splendor of the architecture; the history lovers will surely spot a few famous monuments and others will simply enjoy the small pleasures of life in Barbados. When you make the arrangements for your future Barbados vacation, you might consider renting a car that might help you visiting the attractions around. You should try to rent your vehicle according to the number of people traveling and your own preferences. You should also not forget to rent the car in advance in order to take benefit of some of the discounts offered. Getting an All-Inclusive Barbados Vacation Booking an all-inclusive vacation package to Barbados is one of the best way of securing an exciting vacation on a tropical island. The beautiful Crystal Cove Resort is situated in the northwestern part of Barbados and it mixes the Barbados tropical beauty with the traditional British charm and sophistication. At the time you arrive at this resort, you will be most wel.ed by the friendly staff and they will make sure youll get a most pleasant stay. Mango Bay Barbados Resort is a perfect option any tourist looking for an all inclusive deal in a friendly and small resort. Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados is located very close to the hotel and you will also have great access to the restaurants, shops and bars in close proximity. The Coconut Court Beach is located in Hastings, in the south of the island, is a three star ac.modation facility that is perfect for families. This hotel is just 10 minutes drive from St. Lawrence Gap, Needhams Point and Bridgetown and in a walking distance you can explore a tiny bay with a splendid beach. How to Save Money on a Barbados Vacation Barbados is one of the most inviting islands of the world, but when it .es to the price you need to pay for travelling there, it might not be so appealing after all. However, you can follow some tips and cut your expenses for your dream tropical vacation. One of the most important tips in cutting the travel expenses is booking your vacation off-season, avoiding the peak season from December through April. Although the hotels and the resorts in Barbados are always advertised with incredible views of the sea, you can still get that if you decide to rent a private villa. Skipping the restaurants makes sense if you want to save during your Barbados vacation. Instead, you should do your shopping at the local market and cook your own meals. If you would like a drink on the island, you can try some of the traditional rum instead of spending too much money at the bars. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: