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The southern theater commander Wang Jiaocheng: ready to win tomorrow’s War – this is the Sohu news Xi Jinping will flag solemnly awarded the southern theater commander Wang Jiaocheng and political commissar Wei Liang. The PLA Daily reporter Zhou Zhaorong photo [Global Times reporter Guo Yuandan] in five the first theater commander in the southern theater, the first commander Wang Norinari on a mission, because the area including the outside attention of the South China sea. Wang Norinari, born in 1952, the rank of general. Former commander of the Shenyang military region. Wang Norinari in service career served as soldiers, monitor, platoon leader, group training, deputy chief of staff shares for the division, training division chief. According to public information, in 1987 twelfth a division of army chief of staff, in 1988, Nanjing celebrated military training base training minister, deputy commander of the Nanjing military command; 1994 served as Minister of the Ministry of military. In September 1999, the twelfth Army Deputy commander. In March 2001, he served as deputy chief of staff of Nanjing military region. In July 2005, the twelfth army commander. In December 2007, he served as deputy commander of the Nanjing military region. In October 2012, served as commander of the Shenyang military region. From Wang Norinari service experience can be seen, there are across a large military experience, has served in the Nanjing military region, Shenyang military region and. In addition, experience shows that in 1988, Wang Norinari served as Nanjing celebrated military training base training minister, deputy commander. This indicates that it is a proficient for training, belonging to the actual type of the generals. Three training base of PLA first tactical training base. Three training base was built in the middle of 1980s, is the largest in Asia at the time of contract tactical training base, is named "east of Fort Erwin". The first Chelsea team to go out from here, and created a "red blue" combat training mode. In 2012, Wang Norinari served as commander of the Shenyang military region, the situation in Northeast Asia is highly sensitive. May 2014 from article, Wang Norinari written, war is the enemy of face of the contest, the army combat readiness is a back-to-back competition. We know that a desire to win the war and the army, only to the two state; a real soldier, always have in mind, eyes will always have enemies, must always be ready, get ready for battle combat readiness and ready to win the war tomorrow. There is no doubt that the southern theater is responsible for the area including the South China sea. In recent years, the gradual deterioration of the situation in the South China Sea in the United States and other countries under agitation. Last January 30th, the U.S. Wilbur missile destroyer Chinese in violation of law, I entered the territorial waters of Xisha. Prior to October 27, 2015, the United States, "Larson" warship without permission, illegal entry into the Spratly Islands Chinese concerning islands and adjacent waters. For the United States in the South China Sea hegemony, military experts said Li Jie to accept the "Global Times" reporter, must be forced to the strong, can effectively stop, concessions will only make the more furious. To take a strong comeback in appropriate circumstances, such as warning action, eliminate the deviant behavior of the United States Navy in a flagrant way.

南部战区司令员王教成:时刻准备打赢明天的战争-搜狐新闻 这是习近平将军旗郑重授予南部战区司令员王教成、政治委员魏亮。解放军报记者 周朝荣摄   【环球时报报道 记者郭媛丹】在五位首任战区司令员中,南部战区的首任司令员王教成重任在肩,因其辖区包括外界高度关注的南海海域。   王教成,1952年出生,上将军衔。原沈阳军区司令员。   王教成在服役生涯中历任战士、班长,排长,团作训股参谋、师作训科副科长、科长。根据公开资料显示,1987年任第12集团军某师参谋长,1988年任南京军区三界训练基地训练部长、副司令员;1994年任南京军区司令部军训部部长。1999年9月,任第12集团军副军长。2001年3月,任南京军区副参谋长。2005年7月,任第12集团军军长。2007年12月,任南京军区副司令员。2012年10月,任沈阳军区司令员。   从王教成的服役经历中可以看出,有跨大军区的任职经历,先后在南京军区,和沈阳军区任职。   此外,经历显示,1988年,王教成曾担任南京军区三界训练基地训练部长、副司令员。这表明其是位精通作训,属于实战型的将领。   三界训练基地解放军第一个合同战术训练基地。三界训练基地建于20世纪80年代中期,也是当时亚洲面积最大的合同战术训练基地,被命名为“东方欧文堡”。第一支蓝军队伍从这里走出,并开创了“红蓝”对抗的训练模式。   2012年王教成出任沈阳军区司令员,时值东北亚局势高度敏感。2014年5月来源于人民网一篇文章中,王教成撰文描述,战争是敌我面对面的较量,战备是军队背靠背的竞争。我们深知,一支渴望胜利的军队,只有战争和战争准备两种状态;一名真正的军人,脑子里永远有任务,眼睛里永远有敌人,必须始终保持枕戈待旦、厉兵秣马的战备状态,时刻准备打赢明天的战争。   毫无疑问,南部战区负责辖区包括南海海域。近年来,南海地区局势在美国以及其它国家的搅动下逐步恶化。最近的一次是1月30日,美国“威尔伯”号导弹驱逐舰违反中国法律,擅自进入我西沙领海。在此前, 2015年10月27日,美国“拉森”号军舰未经允许,非法进入中国南沙群岛有关岛礁邻近海域。   对于美国在南海的霸权行为,军事专家李杰接受《环球时报》记者采访时表示,必须要以强制强,才有可能有效制止,退让只会让其更加猖狂。要在适当情况下采取强硬回击,比如警告性的行动,杜绝美国海军明目张胆的越轨行为。相关的主题文章: