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The State Council issued a red envelope   seven income groups to raise Sichuan channel — original title: the State Council issued a "red envelope" seven groups to improve the income according to voice of the economy, "the world of finance" reported that recently, the State Council issued the "on the excitation of focus groups with the vitality of the implementation of the views of" urban and rural residents’ income, aiming skills talent, new occupation farmer and other seven groups, classified policy implement incentive plan, in order to promote the urban and rural residents’ income. "Opinions" stressed that in 2020, gradually expand the scale of urban employment, labor productivity is increased; the per capita income of urban and rural residents more than doubled in 2010; the continuous optimization of macro income distribution, the disposable income of residents in the proportion of GDP continued to improve; the residents income gap continued to narrow, the proportion of the medium income rise, preliminary the formation of the sharing pattern. Opinions proposed to increase the potential of large, strong ability to promote the implementation of the seven groups to implement the incentive plan, the introduction of differentiated income distribution incentive policies to promote the overall income of urban and rural residents. These seven types of people including skilled personnel, technical personnel, new occupation farmer, small and micro entrepreneurs, managers, grassroots cadres and the ability to work with disadvantaged groups, different groups have different classification policy, incentive plan. Seven key groups were encouraged, what are red envelopes policy? A skilled personnel incentive plan, improve the high technology and much more skilled personnel to guide the policy of income distribution, increase human capital investment, improve the skills level of treatment and social status, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the new era of artisans, craftsmen training high level country team, leading the industrial workers gain skills, increase ability, increase income. – improve the technical workers salary incentive mechanism – through occupation qualification, degree certification channels – create a social atmosphere of advocating skills two, new occupation farmer to accelerate new urbanization, orderly transfer of agricultural population of people at the same time incentive plan, increase the cultivation of new farmers’ occupation and support efforts to accelerate the process of occupation, drive the majority the farmers share the fruits of modern. – improve the new occupation farmer income increasing ability of modern agriculture – mining potential income – expand new occupation farmer income incentive plan to deepen the reform of institutions, three channels of scientific research personnel, the implementation of incentive mechanism to increase the value of knowledge oriented staff, improve scientific research achievements by the revenue sharing ratio, wage income, incentive, reward project achievements multiple incentive guide researchers painstaking research work, to stimulate technological innovation enthusiasm. The perfect wage decision mechanism – improvement research projects and funds management – improve the performance evaluation and incentive mechanism, four small and micro entrepreneurs incentive plan to further reduce business costs, improve innovation benefit distribution mechanism of entrepreneurial achievements, promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation in wider range, higher, deeper, guide and support small and micro entrepreneurs in the "double" in achieving revenue rich. The removal of business barriers, enhance the entrepreneurial participation rate).相关的主题文章: