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UnCategorized If you are the type of person in the past to have simply went to a shop, picked up a pair of jeans in your size and not thought any more about it, it is highly likely that should you start looking at the different jean rises (the amount of material between the crotch and the top of the jean) that are available, you will be .pletely baffled. Although there may be more specific rises available in each category, it is generally agreed that there are three large categories which cover all jean rises. 1. Low rise. This type of rise in a pair of jeans is the one where you have to be slim and wearing some fashionable underwear to be able to pull off properly. Often having a rise of just over 5 inches, the top of the jean lies just under the stomach area, well below the belly button and to look good in a pair of them, confidence has to go hand in hand with a slim, petite figure. 2. Medium rise. The most popular type of rise in a pair of jeans, medium rise, for the most part, look good on everyone. As the rise is anywhere up to around 10 inches, they do not fall into the category of classic rise that are too high but they are longer than low rise making them a lot more .fortable to wear. In addition, medium rise jeans can make legs look a lot longer and thinner, as well as preventing that much dreaded muffin top, in which any excess weight around the stomach area gets pushed up and out over the top of the jeans. This not only occurs if the jeans are too tight, but if they are too low as well. Generally considered to be the safe bet, medium rise jeans are suitable for everyone from super skinny models to those who usually wear plus size clothing. As long as you get the size right, the jeans themselves will do the rest. 3. Classic rise. Also known as high rise, jeans with a classic rise are those that are very rarely seen in fashion magazines or worn by models for designers on the catwalks. This is not to say that classic or high rise jeans do not have a purpose, as they are fantastic for lounging around the house in or for doing chores, but unless you are looking to be ultra modern (and only a very select number of models can actually pull it off), this is as far as they should go. A 12 inch rise, as .fortable as it may sound, is unfortunately a fashion faux pas for the most part. If you are looking for a pair of jeans and are unsure which type to go for, the most important aspect, apart from the correct size, is the correct rise. Whether you wear plus size clothing or are a size zero, the explanations above of each of the different rises should ensure that you manage to choose the most suitable jeans for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: